Nescafé to Sponsor MAD Lions E.C.

The following is the full text of MAD Lions E.C.'s 10/16/2018 press release.

Nescafé bets on eSports as a sponsor of MAD Lions E.C.

- The coffee brand premieres in national esports with the sponsorship of the
Madrilenian club MAD Lions E.C. focusing their support on the League of Legends

- This agreement is the first entry into Spain of Nestlé, one of the great food giants
worldwide, specifically with its "Nescafé 3en1" brand.

- The sponsorship will be materialized with the generation of digital content and the
creation of experiences in events focused on bringing the club closer to its fans,
starting this weekend at the Madrid Games Week, which takes place at IFEMA

On the 16th of October, MAD Lions E.C. makes public its agreement with Nescafé.
Specifically with Nescafé 3en1, making the official entry of the brand into national esports
with the sponsorship of the esports club MAD Lions E.C. Its support is focused on the
League of Legends team of the club, recent champion of the European Masters international
competition, and also of the last season of the League of Legends Superliga Orange.

Although the Swiss company has already had a presence in the esports territory in other
countries and with other brands, this will be the first time it does so in Spain, which is a great
milestone for the electronic sports industry in our country, that receives one of the largest
food companies in the world.

Marcos Eguillor, co-founder of MAD Lions E.C. and CCO of the club comments on the
agreement: "The entry of the Nestlé group (one of the largest advertisers in the world),
through the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Nescafé and its product Nescafé 3in1,
is a very important step for MAD Lions E.C. in its relationship strategy with leading brands in
its segments. In addition, it is excellent news for a sector that every day attracts more
consumer brands that are committed to innovation, digitalization and the transformation of
their model of relationship with the customer through eSports ".
Carlos Calvo, Digital Manager of Nescafé 3en1, also wanted to make a statement about this
announcement: "Coffee is a perfect complement to enjoy any video game or esports as a
spectator. NESCAFÉ 3en1 for us is represented with the #VoyConTodo concept. What
better than MAD Lions E.C., as leader of esports in Spain, to communicate this way of

The sponsorship will be materialized with the generation of digital content and creation of
experiences in events focused on bringing club players to their fans, starting this weekend at the largest video game fair in Spain, Madrid Games Week, where fans can participate in
different activities with the club.

This agreement has been managed by the agency MKTG, specialized in Lifestyle Marketing
and sponsorship, and which has already managed various sponsorship agreements within
the territory of electronic sports.

About MAD Lions E.C.
MAD Lions Esports Club is an eSports club that, with its name, (MAD: Madrid, Lions: Cibeles' Lions)
aims to be a reference team in Madrid. Founded by Jorge Schnura and Marcos Eguillor, it is a club
that competes in League of Legends, Counter Strike, Clash Royale and Call of Duty in the Orange
Super League, as well as playing in FIFA 18.
MAD Lions E.C. it is based on the values of respect, honor, sportsmanship, effort and discipline.

NESCAFÉ 3en1 is the best option to start your morning. You can always carry it over and enjoy a
delicious coffee with milk and sugar wherever you are! Add water and go!
The perfect blend of coffee, milk and sugar. Thought for the youngest ones with the soft and sweet
flavor that they like so much. A coffee that you can serve and enjoy, without getting up from your
chair, while you play or enjoy as a spectator of an esports competition.

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