kt Smeb: "With the rest of the games remaining, I want to show the other teams watching that kt is really a team to be feared."

On the 13th (KST), kt Rolster defeated EDG and finished their 4th day in groups with a 3-0 score.

Kt vs EDG was the most hyped game of day 4. kt is seen as the last hope for Korea, and it was up to EDG to keep the perfect record for the LPL region. The game immediately moved towards kt’s favor. Grabbing early kills, kt was able to choke out EDG from early towers and Dragons.

After a one sided teamfight on top side which lead to a Baron, kt was able to swiftly close out the game and keep their win streak going.

Shortly after the game, we got to meet with kt’s top laner, Smeb. Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

Because EDG is our biggest rival for groups, I am extremely happy that we were able to win against them.

¤ Today’s game must have been nerve racking to go into to. Where you and your team nervous?

To be honest, recently, I don’t get nervous at all when I go into games. But, I think our bot duo was a bit nervous.

¤ Did you say anything to release the pressure a bit?

We always try to brighten up the mood before a game but when you are really that nervous, those words never get a chance to reach your ear. I’m not too sure if those words today actually reached and helped them or not (laughs).

¤ Right now, the top meta is all about Urgot and Aatrox. However, EDG gave away Urgot to you. What are your thoughts on this?

In regards to the top meta, I strongly believe that there is still so much room for change going forward. During Worlds, I think there will be a lot of fun top champions that everyone will be able to enjoy. With the Urgot pick against Akali, Akali is extremely strong during the laning phase. On the other hand, Urgot likes to scale to the mid to late game and is tanky enough to do it.

¤ We have seen Aatrox, Akali, Urgot, Sion, and Ornn top, but we have not yet seen Darius or Jax. Why do you think teams are not picking them up?

These champions are majorly bruisers, right? And bruisers are basically tanks. With this in mind, Jax and Darius are bruisers but they are low tier compared to the other picks. Also, people pick bruisers into tanks because they win against the tank matchup. However, Darius and Jax can’t win against tanks. I believe this is why we don’t see any Darius or Jax being picked. I still think there is a chance they might get picked in the future though.

¤ Compared to other Korean teams, kt is playing extremely well. Fans are even calling kt the Korean team. What makes kt so different from other teams?

To be frank, I really don’t know why other LCK teams are having such a tough time. I know the LCK teams are going to bounce back, and I want them to. I am always supporting them. I think the reason why kt is doing so well is because of confidence. Every member on our team has a lot of confidence. This allows us to execute the plays we want to.

¤ In an interview with Impact, he said that your style of play is a lot similar to his. By this he meant, you play around your team frequently and like to play with your jungler. Exactly the same as him. What are your thoughts on Impact?

Like Impact commented on me, I also agree that Impact plays extremely well with his team. Before, I didn’t have this type of playstyle. I think I still need to learn a lot on how to play with my team.




¤ There are a lot of top laners that come into mind when you think of ‘The best’. Which top laner do you fear or want to play against?

I believe all the top laners who have came to Worlds are really good. I think it is most important on how they are playing with their team and what their goal is with the team. I don’t think I have a specific player that I am afraid of.

¤ You have 2 days rest until the rematch games with MAD, TL, and EDG. Are you confident on beating them again?

Since we won all 3 of our first games, I believe we are at a very strong position right now for quarterfinals. With the rest of the games remaining, I want to show the other teams watching that kt is really a team to be feared.

¤ Lastly, could you say a few words to the Korean fans?

kt is at crucial strong point with 3 wins. We will try our best to win the remaining 3.


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