KT Ucal: "I think Caps, Rookie, Xiaohu and I are on the same level."

On the 12th of October (KST), kt Rolster (KT) defeated MAD Team in the 2018 Worlds Group Stage. After going through a strenuous Day 2 for the LCK representatives, KT was seen as the ‘hope’ for the LCK fans; in response, KT displayed one of the most one-sided game in the 2018 Worlds so far. With an early-game top dive, Score gained first-blood. Soon they won a huge teamfight near the Rift Herald. After that was one-sided for KT. After the game, we met KT’s mid laner Ucal for an after game interview.

The following is the interview with Ucal.

Congratulations. With the LCK teams losing yesterday, did you feel pressure going into today’s match?

I thought that if we can play well up to everyone’s expectations, we would receive better ratings from the fans.


You used Swain against the Lissandra matchup. Why did you choose to use him against MAD Team?

I didn’t know whether Lissandra or Aatrox would be my mid matchup. That’s why I was a bit hesitant on using Swain. However, the opponent had some short range, engage champions such as Lissandra and Aatrox, so that’s why I went with Swain.


After using your Teleport to counter the opponent’s top dive, KT won a huge teamfight near the Rift Herald. When did the players think that they’d win this game?

We thought we had the game right after I Teleported to the top turret and stopped the opponent’s dive.


Was your first-core Mejai’s a symbol of your confidence? (laughs)

Yes, it was. I also thought that if I can be the main target in teamfights, the rest of my team will for sure kill the opponents. Also, we had a high chance of countering the opponent’s engage skills. Well, either way, I thought that Mejai’s would be a good choice.


Your Mejai’s stack was up to 25 but your Rod of Ages wasn’t fully stacked. (laughs)

Oh… I didn’t know. (laughs) Well, Mejai’s is a high-risk, high-return item, so it was still okay.


It was your first Worlds experience. Did the other players give you any advice?

We didn’t really share any advice. I think the rest of them have faith in me. (laughs) I do think some of them are feeling pressure.


Some fans think, “What if Griffin came to Worlds?”. Do you think they would’ve done well in this Worlds?

Yeah, they would’ve done well. But still, every team has their own playstyle so it would depend on which team they’d go against.


You’re good friends with the Griffin players. Did they ask anything about the Worlds?

I did get to talk with Viper but he didn’t really ask about the tournament itself. We just talked about other random things.


Currently, RNG is thought of as one of the strongest team participating for 2018 Worlds. Also, in Fnatic, there is Caps who is displaying outstanding performance. Do you have any specific team or player you would like to go against?

I’d like to face Rookie, Caps and Xiaohu. If it’s about a team, I’d like to go against RNG and defeat them.


Can you give us a personal ranking on the mid laners participating for this Worlds?

I think Caps, Rookie, Xiaohu and I are on the same level.


You’ve always said that you’ll make Score win the Worlds trophy. Are you confident?

This time, for sure I’m going to give him the Worlds title.


Did you prepare any surprise champions for this Worlds?

Yes. I can’t say it, but it’s quite similar to Jiizuke’s Ekko. Maybe I’ll use that pick in the quarterfinals.


A lot of the global LoL fans now recognize you as a remarkable mid laner. Do you have anything to say to them?

I’d like to thank all my global fans; I’ll do my best to deliver good results.

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