FW Maple: "Although I do agree the gap between leagues are closing, I still strongly believe that Korean teams are slightly stronger than the rest as long as they draft better."

On the 11th, Flash Wolves defeated Afreeca Freecs and ended their second day of groups with a 2-0 score.

Known for being the ‘Korean Killers’, Flash Wolves has done it again with Afreeca Freecs. Dominating not only the early but also the late game, all seemed lost for Afreeca. With an unkillable front line, Flash Wolves’ Kai’Sa was untouched and able to unleash those late game damage numbers.

After the game, we got to meet with Flash Wolves’ mid laner, Maple. Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win today?

I am very happy that we are 2-0 right now in the group stage. Hopefully we can continue to perform like this throughout the tournament.

¤ I heard yesterday was your bday and Moojin wanted to give the championship title for your birthday. I want to hear your thoughts.

My birthday was a lot of fun and wonderful. In regards to Moojin’s comment, I really hope that a present like that would exist (laughs).

¤ What went wrong for Afreeca and what went right for Flash Wolves?

Our team comp was in no way weak compared to Afreeca’s draft in the late game. When it does go to the late game teamfights, we were confident that we could outscale and out perform Afreeca.

¤ You blind picked Sion mid. Is Sion mid really that strong to blind pick against one of the best Korean teams?

First of, we didn’t necessarily first pick Sion mid because he is OP. The reason we blind picked Sion was due to the fact that we already had Kai’Sa. When it goes to late game, we have more than enough damage. In laning phase as well, Sion is really good at pushing in the lane. This is why we first picked Sion.

¤ Afreeca Freecs is 0-2 now. Has the gap closed? Is kt Korea’s only hope?

Although I do agree the gap between leagues are closing, I still strongly believe that Korean teams are slightly stronger than the rest as long as they draft better.

¤ Flash Wolves has always played well in groups but fell off during the later parts of Worlds. How will Flash Wolves prepare so this doesn’t happen again?

Previously, after we would make it out of groups, we would always play certain picks that were very risky. For this year, we are aiming to practice more on playing those certain champions and make sure not to make the same mistakes as we did in prior years.

¤ Last words for the fans?

I don’t know if Flash Wolves has any fans in Korea. If there are, I thank you guys for the support and wish you guys continue to support us.


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    level 5 Genryou


    I don't think so, the traditional Korean playstyle hasn't been tweaked to work on this whole year meta and the mindset of their players can no deal against the constant aggression and proactive plays , when those happen.

    Hope the best for FW in the World Championship.

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      level 1 Synsane


      I think everyone is overly excited when it's just day 2.
      DOTA2 earlier this month had the exact same thing. Every big team lost to the underdog, everybody was excited and thought things would be different.

      But then came the second round robin, and boom, every team was slaughtered as expected coming into the tournament. Zero surprise teams made it through the groups.

      The biggest thing was that a Chinese team was bested in their year, usually China always win even number Internationals. This time they lost to EU. So I think that in LoL, maybe the curse will be broken here as well, we may see a new region crowned king.

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