yeHHH of SMU, Mayhem: Number of NA Contenders slots should be proportionate to OWL



Albert "yeHHH" Yeh is an off-tank player for Shu's Money Crew, who took first place in Open Division 2018 Season 3 NA, and an analyst for Florida Mayhem.

Wanting to tap into his perspective as a Tier 1 analyst and T2/T3 player, Inven Global spoke with yeHHH about VOD sharing, Contenders team expansions, and how other teams like Phase 2 and Skyfoxes have dealt with Shu's Money Crew's Doomfist play.

Shu also discussed "new" Pharah (Patch 1.29) and why Doomfist's recent nerf is not the adjustment the hero needs, as well as explained exactly what kind of skill a hero like Brigitte requires.


What is the origin behind "Shu's Money Crew"? Is there actual financial backing? 

No financial backing, it's a name inspired from an old CS 1.6 team called JaX Money Crew that I thought was cool. We are all good friends with Shu and most of us have played on a team with him, so we named the team after him.


On a recent Tactical Crouch podcast, it was mentioned that VOD sharing and leaking strats from scrims is a serious issue across all tiers of Overwatch. Do you have any comment on that? 

VOD sharing and leaks are underhanded but expected. People are always going to try to get any advantage they can. I think there should be punishments for anyone caught doing so.  I don't think it's too big of a deal at the lower levels, but in OWL I think there needs to be serious punishments for any teams that do it.


Since OWL S2 has expanded to 20 teams, should they also increase slots for Overwatch Contenders NA?

They need to increase Contenders slots in NA for sure. It should be proportionate to the number of NA OWL teams. There needs to be enough slots for non-Academy teams to be involved in Contenders, too.


You mentioned that having a Doomfist to counter GOATS-comp in T3 was a big factor to winning Open Division. What are your thoughts on your last Trials matches with Phase 2 and Skyfoxes?  Were they prepared with anti-Doomfist strategies?

Phase 2 ran perma-Pharah against us to counter Doomfst, so they were definitely prepared. We still could've won but made some costly mistakes. Skyfoxes didn't really try to counter our Doomfist, [and] I knew all their comps so I tried to counter-comp them but it didn't work out for our playstyle.

I think they are the two best teams in Trials so I was prepared to be 0-2 after the first week. Also, this is the third time Phase 2 has played us in a row so they've had plenty of time to review the VODs and prepare for us.


Do you have a favorite moment from your recent matches?

I think it's the Doomfist Shatter combo Brandito and Baboon pulled off on King's Row third point attack against Phase 2.




Based on your reply in the AMA, will you be stepping down as off-tank for SMC if the team passes Trials and makes it into Contenders?

Correct, I don't plan on playing in Contenders if we qualify.


Any thoughts about your showmatch: Shu's Money Crew NA vs. Shu's Money Crew EU?

They are clearly more polished than us. [I] will say it was rough going from a tough loss into another match. We can still take maps off them if we are playing at our best, but I don't expect to win a series against a former Contenders team that scrims.


Are the changes in Patch 1.29 big enough enough to shake the meta?

A bit early to say, but I think Pharmercy comps might make a come back since Pharah got buffed. New Pharah is insane, it's better against everything now. Heavy tank comps gets shredded by new Pharah. We'll probably see some Orisa/Torb comps back in the meta. Need to experiment more with new Torb before I can say for certain, though.


Does the Pharah buff come with a slight nerf to a skybox-playstyle with Pharah?

I wouldn't say skybox Pharah got nerfed as much as it's just more effective to play mid-range/aggro Pharah with the new rocket speed.


I recently spoke with Mohr who thought Doomfist needed a slight nerf.  With new patch nerfing Doomfist's falloff damage, do you feel this was appropriate?

The issue wasn't his shotgun damage. His power comes from his incredible mobility + shields + oneshot abilities. I actually think they should experiment with allowing people to airstrafe when uppercutted or slammed. I think that's one of the most frustrating things, not being able to control your hero against a Doomfist. Then if he's still overtuned, I would start looking at his shield gain. Mobility and oneshots is what makes Doomfist Doomfist, so I wouldn't want to take those away if possible.


You've mentioned that Brigitte is the least mechanically demanding hero, yet you've also implied there are some DPS players that don't know how to play Brig properly. What are some skills you consider mandatory for Brig players?

A good Brig player has nothing to do with mechanics and everything to do with game sense and decision making.  A Brig should always be reading the game and adapting their play based on their own team's comp/positioning and the enemy's team comp. 

One of the most frequent mistakes I see from Brig DPS players is their desire to do damage when it's not needed. If the other team is running a dive comp, your job is to play with your backline and protect them from the dive, not run around frontlining to do damage.

On the flip side, if the other team is running a GOATs or tank heavy comp, the Brig's job changes to disrupting the enemy frontline and assisting their frontline with getting damage in and setting up combos like Shield Bash/Earthshatter.


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