RNG Xiaohu on the Team's Ultimate Goal: "I’d like to win titles nonstop like SKT."

On the 10th (KST), the Chinese representative, RNG defeated Cloud9 in the first day of the 2018 Worlds Groups. Once again, RNG succeeded to gain the advantage in their bottom lane and dominated the game. With the rest of the team giving full support, RNG’s mid laner, Xiaohu was also solid on his Galio.

After the match, RNG Xiaohu was interviewed.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s victory?

What we have to do is to win games. However, we did make some mistakes, so I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied.  


For this game, RNG once again chose to focus on bottom lane and succeeded to dominate the game early.

Like everyone knows, we have a strong bottom lane. If the opponent can’t withstand our pressure, the game sometimes ends really early. However, since Gen.G has a strong bottom duo, I’m not sure whether we’ll end the game early.


In order to support your bottom lane, RNG tends to use champions that have global ultimates. As a matter of fact, in today’s game, you’ve also used Galio. How would you rate your performance on those champions?

Well, among the champions I’ve prepared, Galio isn’t my best champ. I think I personally have quite an ‘extreme’ taste on which champions I like; I prefer on using a complete supporting champion or a hyper carry champion.


Will you be using a hyper carry champion in Groups?

If I have the chance, I’ll definitely use a carry champion. Also, I think that gaining advantage in the mid-jungle matchup is highly important for winning a game.


Gen.G is the defending Worlds champions and RNG is currently is rated as one of the best performing team in this Worlds. Do you feel any pressure going against them?

Gen.G won last Worlds and currently is a very strong team. Well, if it’s before the MSI, I would have said that I’d feel pressure. However, the team earned a lot of confidence after the MSI and I believe that we’ll do well against them in this Worlds.


What would be the ultimate goal for RNG?

First of all, I’d say it’s about winning titles. Now that we have a big chance of remaining as teammates for quite a long time, I’d like to win titles nonstop like SKT. 

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