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AFS Kiin: "This sounds a lot worse because we lost, but we didn’t ban G2’s Heimerdinger because we were overly confident."


On the 10th (KST), Afreeca Freecs was defeated by G2 and finished their first day of groups with a 0-1 score.

Considered being the top dogs of Group A, it was to much surprised when G2 not only was allowed to pick Heimerdinger but also taking a game off Afreeca. The early game started to go in the favor of Afreeca once Jankos and Wunder lost the 2v2 in the top lane. However, as the game progressed, Afreeca was unable to cut off and kill G2’s Heimerdinger.

As time passed, G2’s team comp scaled better and better to the point of inevitable defeat. After the game, we got to interview Afreeca’s top laner, Kiin.

Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the game?

This is the first time ever that we have seen a Heimerdinger. Never being able to practice against Heimerdinger, I think we made a lot of mistakes. Next time, we will fix and be prepared against their Heimerdinger.

¤ Why didn’t you guys ban Heimerdinger?

This sounds a lot worse because we lost, but we didn’t ban G2’s Heimerdinger because we were overly confident.

¤ Out of all the players on your team, you have been hyped up the most. What are your thoughts on this? Does this bring even more pressure onto the stage?

It is true that I do get a lot of pressure when everyone says that I am good. For now, I am trying to indulge and enjoy the moment. I learned that if I think it is burdensome, It becomes burdensome. Hence, I try to enjoy it and keep it light.

¤ The League community was excited to see the Kiin vs Wunder matchup. How was it?

After I laned against him, Wunder was definitely different to what I expected.

¤ Are you saying that Wunder was better than you expected him to be?

That is a secret (laughs).

¤ G2 are seen as the underdogs within Group A. How was it going up against G2?

I think two factors overlapped when playing against them today. One, their Heimerdinger was very difficult to deal with. Second, G2 did play well in terms of macro. We also made a few mistakes as well.

¤ Were you surprised when Wunder did not tp into the force engage at Baron?

Yeah, I tried to force Wunder’s tp on Camille. However, they didn’t budge like other teams. I believe at that moment, G2 played really well. We also didn’t match them very well. I was very flustered.

¤ What do you think Afreeca needs to work on for the next game?

I like to believe that every player on the team has learned and felt something from today’s game. I know we are all going to prepare for the next game and win like it is the last thing we'll ever do.

¤ Last words to the fans?

Although it is unfortunate that we lost our first game, we have many games to come. We will try our best to not fail the next time.


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