FW Moojin: "I told my coach that I’m confident in making aggressive plays on Taliyah and that’s why he allowed me to use her."

On the 10th (KST), Flash Wolves (FW) defeated Phong Vũ Buffalo (PVB) in the 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1. Both teams’ junglers focused on aiding their side lanes. PVB’s Graves went to top lane whereas FW’s Taliyah supported bottom lane; the successful side was FW. Moojin, who was on Taliyah, was exceptional in the early game. With gaining first-blood near PVB’s tier 1 bottom turret, he constantly ganked bottom and stacked up to 4 kills. Using this early-game advantage, FW managed to snowball quickly and soon made this one-sided game to victory. After the game, we had the chance to meet up with FW’s jungler Moojin.

The following is the interview with Moojin.

What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

During our boot camp here, we’ve been practicing without any free time. I feel satisfied that our hard work paid off.


What did you prepare for the Groups?

I’ve prepared and also went against aggressive jungle champions such as Graves and Taliyah. I also tried to use other champions like Lee Sin and Gragas. In order to break the language barrier, I focused on making more team calls myself.


The team really did seem confident. As a matter of fact, one of the Korean casters said that you seem to have such a confident face.

Our team tries to focus at our utmost inside the game. As an individual, I try to make a more lively team atmosphere. Even if we make mistakes, I try to laugh it out. That’s why we remain confident even if we make mistakes.


In tonight’s match, the opponent team seemed to focus on top lane early. On the other hand, FW focused on bottom lane and succeeded to earn first-blood. What kind of calls did the team make?

After seeing Graves being picked, we knew that he’ll gank top lane. That’s why we told our top laner to sustain as much as possible. Additionally, I constantly told him where Graves is at and I told my bottom duo when I’ll be able to gank bottom. We actually practiced a lot about these kinds of situations.

You earned every kill in the early game. Didn’t your teammates want some of those kills? (laughs)

My teammates said, “It’s completely fine.”. However, I kind of thought that I gained too many kills. (laughs) But still, I think it was okay since we earned a good result.


You hard carried the early-game. Did you think you’d perform this well?

Honestly, I didn’t. When my team asked whether I’d want to use Gragas or Taliyah in pick&bans, I simply went with a champion that I felt confident on. I told my coach that I’m confident in making aggressive plays on Taliyah and that’s why he allowed me to use her.


So, do you think that Taliyah is currently a clear tier-1 jungler?

Yes. Among the better jungle champions, if you can play well with your team, Taliyah can make so many creative plays.


You’ll face Afreeca Freecs tomorrow. What are your thoughts on going against Spirit in the jungle?

Spirit is capable of making solid jungle routes and he plans very creative ganks as well. Although I do think that it will be a tough matchup, I believe that I also have some of my own strengths as a jungler. As a team, we’ll practice more on individual mechanics and teamwork. If we can improve from our mistakes we made today, we definitely have a good chance of winning.


What are your predictions on the team’s Groups result?

Personally, I think that our team can advance in first place. After we get through the Groups, I want to go to the Finals. As a matter of fact, today is Maple’s birthday and I didn’t prepare anything for him. Well, I never told this to Maple yet but as a birthday present, I’d want to make him experience the Worlds Finals. (Q. You should have given him some of your kills today.) Oh… Yeah, I should have. I’ll try my best to let him get to the finals. (laughs)


If FW makes it to the Finals, which team do you think you’ll face?

I think that we have a good chance of facing RNG since they’ve been dominating international tournaments lately. Also, KT is a strong Finals contender. I’ve seen them win the LCK Finals and after watching today’s game, they do seem very strong.


Lastly, do you have anything to say to your global fans?

Although everyone might think that I did a nice job in international tournaments, personally, I think I could have performed better. Since we’ve been practicing a lot lately, I’ll try my best to deliver better results. Thank you.

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