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Team RNG to Set Public Service Campaign for 2018 League of Legends World Championship



This is the full text of Royal Never Give Up's 10/10/2018 Press Release.

The continuous development of esports has presented the entertainment tendency. More and more people start to support their favored players in a way similar to celebrity worshipping. As League of Legends 2018 World Championship (also known as “2018 Worlds”) will be held in Korea, fans of the EDG team have spent a large amount of time and money to put up countless billboards around the venue in support of their idols

▲ EDG fans set the advertising campaign event for AD player iBoy, in Myeongdong, Seoul.

Meanwhile, Team RNG (Royal Never Give up) has launched some public service activities such as encouraging fans to road running, recruiting volunteers from fans to donate books to primary schools in poor mountainous areas, appealing to its university partners to set up donating stations of idle items, as its support activities.

Like traditional sports, esports also carry the positive spirit of competition. And devoting themselves in public service is the best way to pass on such spirit. RNG team attempts to forge a bond between its fans through public service activities so that they can deliver help to those in need while spreading the positive energy of esports. These events have carried on their longstanding passion for public service.

▲ Series of public service events organized by Team RNG, including road runs, book donations, and bringing together universities through public service activities. 

Just like its name, Royal Never Give up, RNG is constantly striving to develop the esport spirit of being positive and never giving up.

Started from May this year, RNG has appealed to its fans from over 30 cities to donate books to primary school in poverty-stricken areas. What is more, Team RNG has been cooperating with hundreds of universities since early September. Including the recent “2018 Worlds” public service activities, RNG has been constantly trying to gather the power of its fans to contribute to the society. It aims to help the underprivileged, even if only a small part of them; to alter the perception of the objectors of esports, even if it takes a long time.

RNG players never want to be a distant idol. To them, fans are more like indispensable friends rather than crazy followers. Compared to those massive pop-star-style worshipping support, RNG hopes that their fans can support it by participating and learning from the activities.

▲ Team RNG aims to donate books and build eight libraries to primary schools located in poorer mountainous areas.

Combing professional computer-gaming, sports, and public service, RNG has spared no efforts to make people accept esports by spreading its positive energy. With the persistence of these members, a bright future lies in front of esports.


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