G-Rex Coach Fu Chien-Wei: "I am most confident against 100 Thieves and most scared of IG. I fear IG the most because they are a team that can go 50-50 against RNG."

On the 7th, G-Rex defeated SuperMassive Esports 3-1 and qualified for the 2018 World Championship Group Stage.

During the series, SuperMassive Esports seemed to have the better draft and execution. Swiftly closing out the game, the series did not start well for G-Rex. Despite this, G-Rex improved their draft and started to abuse their pick orientated team comps. In combination with picks such as Ornn and Nocturne, G-Rex was able to win 3 consecutive games and close out the series.

After the games, we got to meet and talk with G-Rex’s coach, Fu Chien-Wei. Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the win today and qualifying for groups?

I am super happy. I think all the players performed extremely well, but I did not do as well as a coach when it came to draft. I think I could have done a better job.

¤ You put Candy on AD bruisers mid against GBM. Was this a meta/team comp decision or more so a lane counter decision?

AD bruisers such as Irelia is a flex pick that can either go mid or top. There are always options when picking AD bruisers to counter certain matchups well and to flex it. However, we did not expect and predict GBM to pick Akali.

¤ G-Rex is placed in Group D alongside Fnatic, 100 Thieves, and IG. What are your thoughts being placed in this group?

I believe all the teams in Group D are really strong, and we are going to try our best to beat them.

¤ Out of these teams, if you had to choose, which team do you fear the most and which team are you most confident against?

I am most confident against 100 Thieves and most scared of IG. The reason why I fear IG the most is because they are a team that can go 50-50 against RNG. I believe IG and RNG are in the same tier category. In terms of 100 Thieves, NA is not really regarded as a super strong region.

¤ Teams at the group stage are some of the best teams in the world. How will G-Rex prepare against these teams for the group stage?

First things first, it will be our champion pool. The players need to learn to play a lot more champions. They need to also learn to flex certain champions. The goal is to have the players be comfortable picking a champion blind only to flex it into a better matchup later in the draft phase.

Second, we need to improve our mid game. Things like overall macro and map rotation.

¤ How far do you think G-Rex could go this Worlds?

We don’t have that big of an expectation. We are just going to try our best.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans and team?

Even though we made it into groups, we still have a lot to improve on. We will make sure to use the next couple of days given to prepare the best we can. We hope to show you guys exciting matches.


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