SuperMassive Zeitnot: "Among players such as Uzi and Ruler, Deft is the best bottom laner if he can play on his highest potential."

On the 4th October (KST), SuperMassive eSports secured their third win in the 2018 Worlds Play-In Stage and advanced to the Play-In knockouts. Although they did lose a game against G2, they managed to defeat Ascension Gaming. Among the players, SuperMassive’s bottom laner, Zeitnot displayed concrete performance, especially in teamfights for both games.

After the game against Ascension Gaming, we had a brief moment to talk with Zeitnot. Although the team had to prepare for a possible tiebreaker against G2 Esports, he shared some honest thoughts on today's matchups. 

The following is the interview with SuperMassive eSports' bottom laner, Zeitnot. 

How was today’s victory against Ascension Gaming?

Zeitnot: By earning first blood, we had the early-game lead on two lanes. Although we did go ahead in lane phase, we made some mistakes. Still, we were solid in bottom lane. Well, having champions such as Corki and Gragas, the opponent composition had some good dive potential.

We knew that they’d aggressively engage for fights, so our Jarvan managed to easily land his ultimate on the opponent Xayah, who did not get a lot of protection. After I built some core items, we started to win most of the fights.


Overall, how did you feel after losing against G2 in the first game?

It was kind of frustrating. Our draft wasn’t that good. Although we did go ahead in the bottom lane matchup, we had a hard time using it since we lost in the mid-jungle matchup. Also, we were mostly outnumbered in the teamfights; Aatrox couldn’t join fights whereas the enemy Urgot was always there. We gave away Drakes and the Baron as well. We should have played more carefully.


The team has secured a spot in the Play-In Knockout Stage. How do you feel?

We’ll probably have to do a tiebreaker against G2. If we win and secure first-place, I think we can make it to the main event group stage. However, if we lose… We’ll probably face EDG [in the Play-In knockouts] which will be such a tough match.

notes: This interview was conducted before the tiebreakers. 


Are you confident going against G2 in the tiebreakers?

We won once and lost once against them. Still, I do feel confident because I think we do have an advantage in bottom lane. That’s why I believe the focus will be on whether we can win the mid-jungle matchup since Perkz and Jankos are really good players that can fastly snowball in the early to mid game. However, overall, I feel confident.


Do you have any player or team that you personally want to face in this Worlds?

If we do get a chance to go against Gen.G and RNG, I’ll face Ruler and Uzi. However, among the players, I’d love to face Deft the most. He just simply has animal instincts. It’s really hard to play against him since he can predict every move.


Then, among the players such as Uzi and Ruler, do you think that Deft is the best bottom laner in this Worlds?

I’ve been watching him play for quite a long time and I do want him to win a lot in this Worlds. However, I’ve seen him underperform; he is sometimes inconsistent. If he can play on his maximum potential, I do think Deft is the best bottom laner among the players. 


Do you have any last words for your fans?

A lot of fans are rooting for me in this Worlds and I really want to thank them for the support. So, please stay tuned for more because I’ll perform better.  

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