C9 Coach Goldenglue: "I know that you probably want to see me playing, and I want to see myself playing as well. But this is a great learning experience for me."

On the 3rd of October(KST), Day 3 of the '2018 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Group Stage' took place. Winning against 'KaBum! e-Sports' and 'DetonatioN FocusMe', Cloud9 ended the day 2-0, finishing 1st in their group. "Although I want to see myself playing, this is a great learning experience for me." Due to the sub-limitation of Worlds, C9's substitute mid laner, Goldenglue, came to Worlds as a coach to give direct feedback to Jensen during practice; indirectly affecting Cloud9's performance on stage. 

After Cloud9's match against DFM, we ran into an opportunity to speak with C9 Goldenglue.

How do you predict Cloud9 will do moving forward?

Goldenglue: To be honest, I'm pretty worried right now. Our matches against the wildcard teams haven't been very dominant -- they were pretty back-and-forth. However, we found the issues early on in the tournament, so we can quickly begin working on ironing out the problems. 

We're not satisfied with our performance. Individually, we're playing fine, but we're missing out a lot on teamwork and moving around the map together. 

Do you think the Worlds meta favor your team?

It's hard to say at the moment. I think the meta will change when the official Group Stage begins. Right now [in the Play-In Stage], we're seeing a lot of picks that are comfort picks, such as Evi's Camille and Ceros' Ziggs. The meta is neither good nor bad for us right now. 

How does it feel seeing the team from a coach's perspective?

It's definitely different. There's a lot less stress because I'm not the one performing. However, at the same time, you become very nervous when watching your team play, and get just as excited, too. 

What kind of feedback have you been giving to Jensen? Have you ever gotten angry?

(Laughs) Sometimes, I joke with him when he makes a mistake that he often makes. A lot of times, I just watch him play, behind his screen; so that I can see from his perspective and see what he's missing. For example, I tell him things such as: "you could've built another item," or "go on to ward at this timing." 

I'm here to help him little by little to better increment his plays.

Was there a moment where you just wanted to jump in and play?


I think the current mid lane meta really favors me because I've always been really good at melee or bruiser mid laners such as Akali, Urgot, and Aatrox. I'm sad that I won't be able to play in this meta. 

Who do you think is the best performer for Cloud9 so far?

I would probably say Sneaky. He is very consistent, and he can hard-carry games. He also stays level-headed during the most intense moments. He's always very calm -- I believe this is an important trait to have here on the big stage.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you for supporting me and my team. I know that you probably want to see me playing, and I want to see myself playing as well. But this is a great learning experience for me, and I think this experience will positively affect me in the future.

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