GRX Stitch on Being Inspired By Cloud9: "After seeing C9 play their game, we decided to try their composition ourselves. The end result was very good"

On the 3rd of October(KST), Day 3 of the '2018 League of Legends World Championship Play-In Group Stage' took place. G-Rex, the 3rd seed of LMS, played matches 1 and 5, finishing the day with a score of 2-0. Throughout the day, Stitch outshined his opposing ADC players in terms of both positioning and finding the best opportunities to DPS. 

The following is an interview with GRX Stitch. 

Can you tell us about your matches today?

Stitch: We won all of our matches so far, so I'm satisfied in that regard. However, our 4th match [of the Play-In Stage] was a bit messy. I'm happy with the end result, but I feel that we need to work more on our gameplay moving forward.

Do you believe that you carried today?

Hmm... I believe that "Kai'Sa" carried, and not me. (Laughs) She is really strong right now. I made a lot of mistakes last game, and that's why I won't be able to say that I carried.

The composition you played last game seemed awfully similar to the one Cloud9 played all tournament. Were you inspired to play that composition after seeing them play it?

You caught us. After seeing Cloud9 play their [first] game, we decided to give it a go ourselves. The end result was very good -- although Kai'Sa isn't one of my preferred champions. We saw how well Cloud9 was utilizing the picks.

However, unlike Cloud9, you deployed Lissandra in the mid lane instead of top. What is her role during the game as a mid laner?

We picked her as a flex pick for mid and top. So after picking her, we decided to wait and see what top and mid lane champion the enemy would pick. After seeing the Camille pick, our toplaner told us that it could be a difficult matchup for him. 

Then, our opponents took LeBlanc, and Lissandra plays well into her. Although it's hard to take the lead against a LeBlanc as a Lissandra, Lissandra's teamfighting potential is superior. 

This is the first World Championship that G-Rex had ever attended. I suspect that the players were very nervous -- especially the rookies.

I was only nervous on the very first day. And strangely, I felt that I was the only one that was nervous in the first place. Whenever I play on the big stage, I get the jitters [only on the first day]. The other players remained level-headed and did everything that they needed to. 

How is the competition so far? What are you predicting?

In regards to the Play-In Stage, I believe EDG is the strongest. I believe we're next. (Laughs) I think we're in a good position.

Your team consists of both Taiwanese players and Korean players. How do you guys communicate?

We use a universal language. (Laughs) Our jungler can speak 5 different languages -- he can speak Korean. The Chinese-speaking players talk to the jungler, and he passes on the information to us [Candy and I] in Korean. 

In emergencies, however, we speak English. In addition, our communication is constantly improving by the day because Candy and I are getting better and better in speaking Chinese. We have more issues communicating outside of the game than in-game. (Laughs)

Do you see yourself going far this tournament?

I think there will be limits. This is our first time competing in the World Championship, and therefore, we're inexperienced. There will be a lot of strong teams in the quarterfinals. 

Although it'll depend on our performance, I think we'll have an easier time if we get placed in Group D. 

*Translator's note: We apologize for the typo. Stitch said group D and not B.*

What do you think you and your team need to refine moving forward?

Individual performance and champion pools. 

I feel that we're falling behind the LCK and LPL in that regard. 

Lastly, who would you pick as your team's MVP player today?

Although I think everyone did well... if I had to pick someone... probably me. (Laughs)

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