[Cartoon] "Iron man? I'm Bronze man!" New Tiers Are Introduced to League of Legends: Iron and Grandmaster


Today's editorial cartoon features the new ranked tiers that will eventually be implemented into the game.

The Master ranked tier was introduced in 2014, and four years had passed. The two newly introduced tiers are 'Iron', the lowest rank tier, and 'Grandmaster', a tier that is placed between Master and Challenger. In addition, the number of divisions per tier will be adjusted from 5 to 4.

Upon hearing this unexpected news, players started giving diverse feedback. "Won't stone be better than Iron?" and "Iron actually sounds really cool," are just a few of the feedbacks. At the same time, many Bronze players smiled. In a way, Bronze has now become a tier that a group of people will hope to eventually reach.

It had been a while since such a large change came to the competitive ranked games. I'm excited to see how the ranked ecosystem will be affected by this change. I wish the best of luck to all the Iron men.

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