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Huge Hero Balance Update in Returners KR!


A new update will be added to Returners KR on September 20th (KST).

The update will include the regular season of the Guild Annihilation War and a new skin, as well as the balance changes for almost all heroes in Returners.

The first regular season for the Guild Annihilation War will begin and will be held for 6 weeks, and the guilds will be given rewards based on their rankings.


The new skin for Joan of Arc, Royal Guard Joan of Arc, will increase PHY ATK and HP by a max of 292 and 2260 respectively, and will get the Legend and Myth Tag added. The skin can be seen in the images below.


The hero balance changes have been made on almost all heroes in Returners. Heroes like Joan of Arc, whose use was limited, or Nobunaga, who almost didn’t get picked at all, were the lucky ones; small changes have been made for other heroes as well.

Further details on the hero balance changes can be read in the translated patch notes below.


▲ Joan of Arc’s new skin


▲ The skin stats: PHY ATK (Default +28, Max +292), HP (Default +280, Max +2260)


[New Update]

Guild Annihilation War

The regular season for the Guild Annihilation War will begin!

Season 1 Period: For 6 weeks, between Monday, October 1st, and Sunday, November 11th (KST)

  -  The season guild rank rewards will be sent to your inbox after the season records have been renewed.

  -  The Guild Shop: After the season has ended, a new skin for Richard the Lionheart, ‘Full-Armor Lionheart’, will be added to the guild shop for the guilds that have made it to the top 10 in the Guild War rankings.

  -  Special Reward for Winning Guild: After the season has ended, a star will be added to the winning guild’s sigil.


The weekly reward for the Guild Annihilation War has been improved.

  -  Before: Guild points were distributed based on the guild rank or the individual contribution.

  -  After: All guild members will receive guild points based on the guild rank.

An MVP will be selected for the weekly Guild War.

  -  A guild member who has done exceptionally well for each attack and defense during the weekly Guild War will be selected as MVP.

  -  The guild member with the most successful attacks and attack damage will be selected as MVP for attack.

  -  The guild member with the most successful defense and HP left will be selected as MVP for defense.

  -  The player who has been selected as an MVP either for attack or defense against guilds placed in top 10 will get an extra MVP reward.

New Skin

  -  Royal Guard Joan of Arc will be added.

Hero Balance Patches

This update includes many changes to heroes.

  -  Each explanation is based on skill level 10.

  -  The skill effects that are not specifically mentioned in the text will remain the same.


Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, who can focus on marking a target while enhancing ally heroes, did not get much attention from players in the league due to her lackluster effects. She has been changed so that she will come with a skill to nullify enemies and at the same time, her ‘Claim Victory’ will actually guarantee you more victories.

Shield Rush: The impact from her shield rush will now affect enemy defense.
Before: No PHY DEF decrease → After: PHY DEF -20% (6 seconds)

Divine Courage
Before: PHY DEF +36% (9 seconds) → After: PHY DEF +45% (9 seconds)

Claim Victory: All ally heroes in the battle will now get buffs.
Before: PHY DEF +30, PHY ATK +43%, Area Continuous 11 seconds → After: HP, PHY DEF, MAG DEF, PHY ATK, MAG ATAK +15%, Area Continuous 11 seconds


Thor, who has been looked down on even with his power over thunder, will be now a bigger threat.

Thunder God’s Dignity
Before: PHY ATK +1400, consume HP 4% → After: Thor’s ATK SPD/MOV SPD +88%, stuns enemies around him (1.0 second), Effect Range (10m)
Skill CD: 13 seconds → 12 seconds

David and Goliath

David and Goliath, who seemed to be battling enemies on their own by pushing them away, will now make more strategic judgment.

Ultimate Strength
Before: Pushes back enemy in the path, PHY DMG 1183 + PHY ATK 130% → After: Stun (2 seconds), PHY DMG 1183 + PHY ATK 170% (Abnormal status immunity)
Skill CD: 12 seconds → 13 seconds

Last Strike
Before: PHY DMG 1850 + PHY ATK 135% → After: PHY DMG 2150 + PHY ATK 175%


Rollo, who was almost invisible until someone would hit him in the battle, will now use his heavy weight to bring a lot more impact.

Axe Toss
Before: MOV SPD -60% (6 seconds) → After: MOV SPD -80% (5 seconds)

Trembling Earth
Before: MAG DMG 2050 + MAG ATK 320% + PHY ATK 32% → After: MAG DMG 2050 + Max HP 10% (Abnormal status immunity)


Kyo Kusanagi

Ura 108 Shiki · Orochinagi: Kyo will now pull enemies nearby closer while gathering flame energy, and apply flame attack twice.
Before: 70% of HP lost → After: PHY DMG 1265 + PHY ATK 125% per 0.5 seconds, 45% of HP lost (2 hits)
Continuous Effect: Pulls enemies towards Kyo during the skill cast



Tempting Curse
Skill CD: 14 seconds → 12 seconds


Shouldn’t a multi-duel specialist’s last strike be even stronger?

Epic Strike: Deals more damage to enemy with low HP.
Before: PHY DMG 3350 + PHY ATK 340% → After: PHY DMG 3350 + PHY ATK 240% + 60% of enemy’s missing HP

Xiang Yu

Overlord Roar
Before: PHY ATK -55% → After: PHY ATK -60%

Guan Yu

Moonlight Slash
Before: MAG ATK -55% → After: -60%


Before: MOV SPD -40% → After: -70%


Mai Shiranui

Musasabi no Mai
Continuous Effect:1.5x DMG to supports, Multiplied DMG Tag

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan will have better sustainability and will evade last strikes more often.

Spirit of Mongolia: Genghis Khan will now trigger his passive effect quicker.
Before: HP restoration when HP is less than 50% → After: HP restoration when HP is less than 60%

Genghis Khan’s Strike: The attack will hurt more but it could also miss.
Before: PHY ATK 160% → After: PHY ATK 140%, Crit DMG, Evade added


Charisma: Napoleon’s increased charisma will give him even more power.
Before: Revolutionary Cannon’s CD decreased to 10 seconds upon killing enemy → All skill CD will be decreased to 13 seconds upon killing enemy


Kunoichi’s basic attacks and skills weren’t satisfying enough.

Shadow Walk
Before: PHY DMG 1265 + PHY ATK 170% → After: PHY DMG 1265 + 185%

Dagger Storm: A dagger this big should be able to push enemies back.
Continuous Effect: Pushes enemies (2m)



Windmill Shuriken: Since this is even bigger, it should push as well.
Before: PHY DMG 1040 + 165% → After: PHY DMG 1280 + 195%, pushes enemies back (1m)



Nobunaga will now be able to control his temper better and battle more efficiently.

Piercing Shot: The bullet will now affect enemy defense.
Continuous Effect: PHY DEF -24% on enemy in path

Rush: He will remain calm even after he’s rushed towards enemies and slain them.
Continuous Effect: Crit DMG, Evade added.
Evade Rate +30% (5 seconds)

Open Fire: Nobunaga will fire more bullets and decrease the MOV SPD of enemies hit.
Before: PHY DMG 2270 + PHY ATK 250% → After: PHY DMG 250 + PHY ATK 25% every 0.2 seconds (10 hits)
Continuous Effect: MOV SPD -50% (2 seconds)



Jane the Kid

Net Trap
Before: MOV SPD -55% → After: MOV SPD -70%

Wild Fire: Jane the Kid will now use heavier bullets.
Before: PHY DMG 940 + PHY ATK 190%, 4 hits → After: PHY DMG 470 + PHY ATK 70%, 12 hits
Continuous Effect: Abnormal Status Immunity, pushes enemy back with every hit (0.5m)



Robyn Hood

Robyn Hood did stun and push back enemies but didn’t have any special features; she will now be placed as a range specialist.

Forest Arrow: It will now slow enemies more and Robyn Hood will move further away.
Before: MOV SPD -55% → After: -80%, jump distance doubled



Wind Arrow: Robyn Hood’s attack range will briefly increase after using Wind Arrow.
Before: Push 10m → After: Push 8m
Continuous Effect: Attack Range 8m (6 seconds)



Judgment Arrow: This giant arrow will now push enemies back.
Before: PHY DMG 3200 + PHY ATK 200%, Stun → After: PHY DMG 1810 + PHY ATK 150%, Push back enemies in path (10m)


William Tell

William Tell will no longer push back enemies. Instead, he will stun them.

Before: PHY DMG 1810 + PHY ATK 150%, Push back (8m) → After: PHY DMG 3200 + PHY ATK 200%, Stun (4 seconds)


Yagami Iori

100 Shiki Oniyaki
Before: MAG DEF -20% → After: -30%
Continuous Effect: Stun Tag


Alice’s Hidden Card will now deal more powerful and fixed damage.

Hidden Card
Before: Additional DMG based on 25% of enemy’s current HP → After: Additional DMG based on 18% of enemy’s Max HP
Skill CD: 21 seconds → 22 seconds

Yuki Onna

Icy Path
Continuous Effect: MOV SPD -60% on all enemies in the path (6 seconds)


Genie became more generous with the Second Wish, letting Aladdin survive longer.

Second Wish
Before: MAG ATK +77%, 1 target ally → After: Enhance ally MAG ATK +55%
Continuous Effect: Deals MAG DMG 220 + MAG ATK 20% for every second of HP recovery (6 hits), Recovery Tag


Dracula will now drain more blood and survive longer.

Shadow Ritual
Continuous Effect: DMG Absorb 80%

Blood Contract
Before: MAG DMG 2580 + MAG ATK 195% (DMG Absorb 100%) → After: MAG DMG 2580 + MAG ATK 205% (DMG Absorb 100%)


Goblin Hell

Before: Terror 1.5 seconds → After: Terror 2.5 seconds

Little Red

Eat This!
Effect Range: Before 8m → After 10m


Athena Asamiya

Psycho Reflector: She will now reflect more ranged attack damage.
Before: Ranged Attack DMG Reflect 75% (3 seconds) → After: Ranged Attack DMG Reflect 100% (3.5 seconds, bypass target’s DEF)


Before: Confusion Probability 50%, Effect Range 10m (4 seconds) → After: Confusion Probability 100%, Effect Range 9m (3 seconds)


Fatal Attraction
Before: DMG Absorb 80%, 3 hits → After: DMG Absorb 100%, 4 hits

Sweet Talk
Before: Captivate Probability 90% (3.5 seconds) → After: Captivate Probability 100% (3 seconds)

Han Seok-bong

If Han Seok-bong was kept from showing off his calligraphy before, he will now be able to write much quicker.

Master Stroke
Before: Max HP +10% → After: Max HP +15%
Continuous Effect: Once the effect begins, the skill CD will decrease by 22%.


Time Warp
Before: MAG DMG 870 + MAG ATK 135% (6m) → After: MAG DMG 1055 + 155% (5m)

Burning Time

Before: Ally Skill CD -11.5 seconds → After: Ally Skill CD -11 seconds

Maid Victoria

Graviton Missile
Before: Effect Range 13m, Skill CD 18 seconds → After: Effect Range 12m, Skill CD 20 seconds


Before: MOV SPD +52%, ATK SPD 40% → After: MOV SPD +55%, ATK SPD 60%


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    level 9 TheKingAtk

    yeah , Buff to all Favorite Hero . A lots of Hero back to Battle field

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    level 2 betodeth

    WTF Maid victoria Nerf...  you guys need to add more champs to wombo combo please
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    level 4 Austin_Perlas

    i hope this comes to global asap this is the update we are waiting for

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