"Ferocious and Refined" New White Tiger costume for male characters to celebrate the Korean Holidays

The new costume named 'Baek-ho' (Meaning 'White Tiger' in Korean) has been released on Black Desert Online KR! It is a costume released in celebration of Korean Thanksgiving, and features a White Tiger pelt. This costume has a special feature that allows your character to perform a traditional Korean bow. 'Baek-ho' can be worn by every male character; it features a Helmet and Armor.

The helmet is a silver mask that frames the face, with a pair of tiger ears and fur trailing behind it. The armor is a full-body robe accented with more bright silver attachments. On the right should, there is an ornately-crafted tiger head with sharp teeth and long flowing hair that swirls down over the chest; further down the arm, a claw-like gauntlet protects the arm and fist.


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    level 3 Frank


    What happened to that designer they hired to make more costumes? They seem to be very slow in bringing out new ones, and even slower in the west to put any that are released in game.

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      level 1 Chiqquita_Thor


      They want people to keep rerolling, getting new outfits for each new character, then after two years or when people start to complain, things might change

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