Ninja to be first pro gamer featured on cover of ESPN magazine

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, a professional Fortnite player and immensely popular Twitch streamer, will be featured on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. Typically reserved for traditional athletes, Ninja makes history as the first pro gamer to grace the publication's front page.

"So excited to the first professional gamer to be featured on [ESPN] the Magazine," wrote Ninja on Twitter, adding that the cover and profile will be revealed on Sports Center this Tuesday, September 18 at 7am EST.

▲ "The Legend of Ninja, Biggest Gamer in the World" reads the photo Ninja shared via Twitter.

Ninja has become the unofficial face of gaming since Fortnite: Battle Royale blew up with mainstream audiences and his Twitch stream along with it. His skill, energy, and family-friendly charisma has made him a household name in the gaming community, while his frequent partnerships with mainstream celebrities like Marshmello, Drake, and Travis Scott have lent him fame and influence among less traditional gaming audiences.

With over ten million followers and an average of over 50,000 viewers per stream, he is currently the most watched Twitch streamer. In other words, it should come as little surprise that Ninja will be the first pro player to be featured on the cover of a major sports publication. 

Featured image via Red Bull

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