Riot Games Reveals New LCK Esports Stadium, 'LoL PARK'!

On the 17th of September 2018, Riot Games revealed a League of Legends exclusive stadium called ‘Lol PARK’ to promote their game. Located at Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, LoL PARK announced that its infrastructure is able to hold up to 500 people with its immense size. The time has finally come for everyone who enjoys playing League to be able to indulge in such a distinct facility.

The most important section of the stadium was not the Esports section but rather a section in the form of a round open booth. Here, players are able to sit and play in the center whilst the spectators can watch the players live. Due to the audience's seats being in close proximity with the stage, the audience is able to even see a player’s individual screen. In addition, there is an incredibly large screen located at the top of the stage. This screen offers full picture quality from a multitude of angles, allowing the audience to watch the game without the slightest issue. The screen allows quality entertainment regardless of being at the front or back of the stage.

Also, there is a box specifically made for the coaching staff which is located on the outskirts of the stage. This box is clearly visible to the audience and adds yet another perk to the experience. After a game, the players are provided with a joint coverage area or interview zone in which they can interact in new ways with their fans. In addition, unlike fan meetings in the past when it was rushed and held outdoors, the LoL PARK provides a prepared fan meeting zone inside the facility.

To the audience, there is nothing more close to heaven than this. The 100 seat Riot PC bang (Korean internet cafe), Riot Store, and Café Bilgewater that is so spectacular that it can make even those who are not interested in League to enjoy the venue. Another feature is the LCK exhibition zone. Alongside its immense size and detail, this zone includes League statues, LCK team uniforms, and 3D figures.

The space for the League players and staff was also excellent. In the player waiting rooms, the space had pcs for practice purposes with a handful of comfortable couches and even a whiteboard for propagating strategies. With talent rooms for commentators and make-up rooms placed in unison, one could see how an important League match could be held in a facility like this. In the MCR, the most important aspect of broadcasting, there was the use of more expensive equipment than any other broadcasting station. Enabling high quality broadcasting.

Lee Seung Hyun, the representative of Riot Games Korea, commented, “I only hope that LoL PARK can provide a unique experience to everyday life. Jongno is a place that has a lot of companies and a lot more employees. I’d like this facility to be a place where you look twice and visit when you see it. The League focused stadium is more of an arena style than a studio. I have made sure and prepared this place to be a pleasant space for players. In addition, I did my best to set up various attractions and comfortable facilities for the audience who might visit here.”

LoL PARK will open sequentially. Starting from September, the Riot PC bang will open first. LoL PARK will then be officially open during the 2018 World Championship Play-In Stage. LoL PARK plans to operate all of its facilities at the start of January 2019.

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    level 1 VyKnight


    Was the 500 occupants figure right? Like 500 people is desperately small for a venue that's supposed to host world's games. Really find it hard to believe that riot decided to make a stadium of 500 people

    • 0

      level 1 ShenL


      It's for weekly LCK games next year not for "World's".

    • 0

      level 1 Larien


      Its just only for the Play-in stage, the group and other is in another place.

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