Head Coach Edgar: "Surprisingly, whenever a regional qualifier is played, our players play unbelievably well."

On the 16th of September, Gen.G Esports defeated Kingzone DragonX in the final stage of the 2018 LCK Regional Qualifier. With exceptional performances from all five players, GEN took a perfect 3-0 victory. After the series, GEN Crown and Haru were invited for an interview with SPOTV.

Crown, you performed very well in the Regional Qualifier.

Crown: It was a very difficult tournament, but playing with a more loose, carefree mindset helped me perform better.

CoreJJ, do you feel that your team has been improving at a rapid pace recently?

CoreJJ: I felt that, through the regionals, our team has been getting better. I think we’ll be able to perform well at Worlds, too.

Was the qualifier this year difficult?

Crown: I felt a lot of pressure. Our match against Griffin was the hardest series. We had a lot more on the line than the other teams, so I felt a lot of pressure playing.


CoreJJ: Personally for me, our match against SKT T1 was the hardest series. Although I don’t clearly remember the contents of that match, it was our very first of the regionals; winning that match got us in good spirit.

Who had the best performance today?

Crown: CuVee looked like he was going to tell me that I did the best… but I think Haru performed better.

How was today’s match, Haru?

Haru: It felt good because we took a clean victory. Although we didn’t prepare anything special for today’s match, I spent a lot of time honing my individual skills while I was being excluded from most scrims.

Who do you think will be the ace player for GEN in the 2018 World Championship?

Haru: I think Ruler will play even better. While watching him play today, I felt that he became a lot calmer in-game.

I felt that Ruler has improved significantly after returning from the 2018 Asian Games. He nullified multiple Rakan engages with his ultimate on Varus.

Ruler: If you are an experienced Varus player, countering Rakan’s ultimate with your own ultimate becomes a breeze. However, I’m worried because I’ve been performing a lot worse on stage when compared to my performance during scrims. From here on out, I’ll do my best to perform on stage like how I perform in scrims.

After returning from the Asian Games, I changed, a lot. I was motivated to become a better player after returning.

CuVee, how was today’s match?

CuVee: Everything went smoothly. I think we performed better than usual. In game 3, we were able to draft a composition that we wanted from the start. After the 20-minute mark, I knew that we’d win.

In an earlier interview with FNC Rekkles and sOAZ, they excluded you when discussing about who they believe the best toplaner in the world is. Did that bother you at all?

CuVee: Being the best toplaner doesn’t matter -- being the best team is all that matters.

Coach Edgar, you wore a nervous look on your face before the game.

Head Coach Edgar: To be honest, our match against SKT was what really got me nervous. After that series, I let out a sigh of relief. Recently, our players did their best to bond -- they moved as one, slept at the same time, and even ate the same food. Surprisingly, whenever a regional qualifier is played, our players play unbelievably well. I think it’s safe to expect a lot more from them at the World Championship this year.

After losing to China in the 2018 Asian Games, I felt a lot of things. I want to win this time. In addition, I want to apologize to our fans for always taking the hardest route to get to Worlds. I would still like to ask you all to please cheer for us.

Lastly, we’ll make sure to win against the LPL teams when we run into them.

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