“Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Involves the History of Call of Duty” - Jonathan Moses, Senior PD


On September 13th (KST), the Media Day for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 took place in Seoul, South Korea. The development team of Treyarch participated in the event and had time to introduce the general concepts of the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been developed for the millions of players in the Black Ops community and also for potential players who may possibly join the community. It features grim military scenes, realistic warfare, and high-level tactics. The new title will feature the biggest zombie mode within the series, which also has 3 different modes and can also be played as soon as the title is released.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be released through Battle.net on PC, and it will provide various PC-oriented features as well. Moreover, it supports unlimited frames, 4K resolution, HDR ultra-wide monitors, and customizable key settings.

Below is our Q&A with Senior Producer Jonathan Moses, who participated in the Media Day.

Jonathan Moses, Senior Producer at Treyarch


Q. This title doesn’t have a single-player mode. Will you maintain this trend for future titles? Also, can you please tell us anything about upcoming DLC?

The decision regarding a single-player mode in Call of Duty and the Black Ops series will be determined by the studio. The game is planned to be released on October 12th, and no specific details on upcoming DLC have been confirmed yet. However, the DLC maps will be available for free on PC Bangs.

Q. Is Black Ops 4 compatible with the Battle.net Launcher just like other Blizzard games?

It’ll be serviced in the same way as Destiny Guardians. The game is run on Blizzard Launcher and you’ll be able to use all features the launcher provides.

Q. The title seems heavily focused on multiplayer. Can you tell us the reason?

We at Treyarch always consider what type of community players want when making games. Our primary objective has been to maximize the fun of multiplayer since the beginning of the design and planning process. We thought about the purpose of the game once again through various systems including the diverse specialists and the change in health recovery.

Q. We’d like to know how many can jump into a battle in the Black Ops system. Do you also have an electric field kind of system that becomes smaller? Many say that camping is one of the elements that decreases the fun of Battle Royale games, and we wonder if you have prepared anything to prevent this as well.

We recently started the Blackout beta. The purpose was to check the stability, but we also wanted to know up to how many people would be fun to have in one game. We tested 80 people yesterday, and the exact number is still not confirmed. We also have the electric field kind of system in Black Ops. The damage is not that significant so you can still take out zombies at the cost of your health. However, the damage becomes drastically more powerful and that’s when you need to think strategically.

Q. The Activision Blizzard 2017 Annual Report spoke of the establishment of pro teams. Will it be a franchise league just like Overwatch? Can you also tell us whether you will run leagues for each mode?

It is difficult to answer those questions as we don’t have much information about it yet.

Q. There are various characters in Blackout mode, does each character have a distinct skill? We’d also like to know what conditions we need to satisfy to unlock these characters.

All specialists have their own skill. However, in Blackout, the only difference is how they look, not stats. In regards to unlocking characters, you will be able to obtain them through many achievements as you progress further. For example, one achievement requires you to complete it while having a certain item, or acquire a certain item from zombies.

Q. Some have criticized the interface which makes it difficult to loot items. Are you planning on improving this?

We’ll provide keyboard-optimized controls and are receiving diverse feedback through the beta. We’d love to receive as much feedback as possible from players since we understand that the data retrieved through the Blackout beta is extremely valuable.

Q. Was the 80 people at maximum in Blackout during the beta test because of the optimization?

As the Blackout map is quite vast, the optimization process is slightly different from that of the PS4. We are continuing the optimization process through the beta test.

Q. Some are worried that even though they are part of the same game, the modes will feel different from one another due to the significantly different playstyles. What do you think about this?

The past Black Ops series have always had various modes. We believe that players want to play different Black Ops modes with their friends depending on what they like. Play each one of them, and enjoy.

Q. Please tell us the zombie spawning location and method in Blackout. Also, what are the merits of slaying zombies? There are a couple of fantasy weapons as well, and what was the intention with these?

You will be able to see them at the Asylum and Lighthouse where you saw them before in the past zombie modes. The giant ray of light will shine where the zombies are. After slaying them, you obtain powerful weapons such as the Monkey Bomb and Rail Gun.

Q. Some medieval fantasy weapons and locations seem to be in zombie mode as well.

We think that one of the fun parts of Call of Duty Zombie Mode is that it’s like play-fighting with a tiger in an ancient Colosseum. Essentially, those features were put it purely to add more fun.

Q. There are many competitive titles including PUBG and Fortnite. Can you please tell us what makes Black Ops 4 competitive in the Battle Royale market?

PUBG and Fortnite are already in the market and I’m sure that there will be more Battle Royale games to come. We believe that this trend will eventually make the players happy. Each has their own type of fun, and Call of Duty also has its own kind of fun. The social and event features the title provides along with the Battle.net launcher will be able to act as a distinct attraction for players.

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