Understand their features and attack their weak spots! Returners Specter Chase Guide from 13th to 16th Floor

If 1st to 12th floors of Specter Chase were a warm-up, then floors 13 and onward are where the real battle begins. There are 4 consecutive boss fights that require heroes above 5 stars, and these fights are not as straightforward as Adventure bosses. If you want to stand a chance against these bosses, you need to know what features each boss holds, what heroes you should use, and what equipment you need.

Following the guide on the first 12th stages, we have prepared another stage guide for the 13th to 16th floors of Specter Chase. Although the difficulty is extremely high, it’s not impossible if you know how to approach it; as such, this guide will give you the information you need to conquer the tower.

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The Specter Chase from floors 13 to 16 is where the “real challenge” begins


Wyvern on 13th - Interrupt or overpower his health recovery

From this point on, the bosses on each floor will not change, unlike in the previous floors. The first enemy you face is Wyvern, a monster specialized in terror and health recovery. He terrorizes ally heroes during the battle and makes them run away, and falls asleep and heals himself with Restful Sleep when his health is low. The monster’s class is a mage, and one is randomly given either high PHY DEF or MAG DEF each time the Specter Chase is reset.

In order to complete this stage, there are 2 requirements. One is high MAG DEF, which can help your heroes to withstand the enemy attacks while they are terrorized, and the other is either interruption skills or a significant amount of damage that outperforms the healing capacity of the Wyvern. To satisfy these conditions, at least 2 pieces of 6-star legendary gear are recommended at least.

If the Wyvern has high MAG DEF, heroes like Kusanagi Kyo, Genghis Khan, and Jumong are suggested; Dr. Jekyll is recommended for the PHY DEF Wyvern. Kusanagi Kyo has very strong attacks and is specialized in dealing with mages who possess high MAG DEF. His Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi MAX is especially powerful; it is triggered when the hero’s health is relatively low, and can even annihilate Wyvern in a single shot.

Genghis Khan is a ranger who deals extra damage to mages, and he can interrupt Wyvern’s Restful Sleep by removing the enemy buff. Jumong is focused heavily on DPS and can dominate Wyvern even if he manages to heal.

If Wyvern has high PHY DEF, Dr. Jekyll is more appropriate. Dr. Jekyll heals himself and increases his MAG DEF, which will allow him to withstand Wyvern’s attacks to some extent. His ultimate turns him into Mr. Hyde, preventing him from being terrorized, and provides him with a chance to deal damage as well. Since the transformation gives him more DPS as well, you can kill the healing Wyvern much faster.

If you are qualified enough to complete up to the 16th floor, it’s better that you save Genghis Khan and Dr. Jekyll for later areas, and use Jumong on this floor instead.

Kusanagi Kyo’s ultimate can kill the healing Wyvern instantly with overwhelming firepower


Golem on 14th - Use Taejo’s AoE and armor penetration

The Golem that appears on the 14th floor is a tank who boasts powerful PHY DMG, a stun, and a DEF increase buff when the small golems are being summoned. In order to kill this monster, you need to penetrate his high defense and deal AoE damage that can decimate all the small golems.

The most suitable hero, in this case, is Taejo. While Kunoichi, Hartmann, and Dr. Jekyll have AoE damage, and William Tell and Genghis Khan deal damage that ignores enemy defense, Taejo has both of these features, and this is why he is much more efficient than others on this floor. His ultimate is good for the small golems, and even if one or two small golems remain in the field, his armor penetration can still get through the Golem’s defense.

Using 4 Ultimate pieces with the Dark Wolf Hunter Helmet would work well for Taejo. Even though the Ultimate Boots have MAG DEF, the helmet’s HP increase provides a fair boost. The defense should not be as much of a concern since this comp is meant to maximize Taejo’s firepower.

Taejo’s condition is very important against Golem. If even a single small golem still remains in the field, it allows the Golem to keep summoning additional small golems. So Taejo needs to exterminate all small golems with a single cast of Divine Archer. However, if Taejo uses his ultimate while the Golem is still summoning small golems, the ultimate won’t be able to wipe out the entire pack.

If he doesn’t use Divine Archer before the boss summons another small golem, you need to use a couple of Condition Potions. You can also equip him with the full Ultimate Set and reduces the ultimate skill CD to deal with the small golems if the timing is still not right even if he’s in his best condition. If none of that works, you can instead try when his condition is relatively low, and wipe out small golems at once after the Golem summons another one.

It is common to not complete the stages in one go starting from the 13th floor. However, it won’t be that difficult if you have 7-star Taejo with 6-star legendary gear.

First, deal with the small golems using Divine Archer and finish off Golem later


The Executioner on 15th - Break the PHY/MAG immunity

The Executioner on the 15th floor has an interesting mechanic. He becomes immune to either PHY or MAG DMG when he gets hit by one of them 9 times. For example, the boss becomes completely immune to PHY DMG when your hero deals PHY DMG 9 times. This immunity buff is removed as soon as the opposite type of damage is dealt.

Unlike the Golem, who gets a simple DEF buff, the Executioner gets a full-on immunity buff that completely negates damage and cannot be removed even with armor penetration skills. Thankfully, the buff can be removed with a single hit of the opposite damage type, thus hybrid heroes are often used.

The “immunity” is what troubles players the most at first


Recommended heroes are Xiang Yu, Jane the Kid, Kumiho, and William Tell. Xiang Yu possesses a skill that decreases the PHY ATK of enemies while also dealing MAG DMG, allowing him to withstand more damage from Executioner while also removing the immunity buff.

Although Jane the Kid is relatively weaker than Xiang Yu in terms of survivability, she has more firepower, and both her normal skills are MAG so she can actually remove the immunity buff more often than Xiang Yu. Kumiho is also a viable option because of her hybrid damage and because she can increase her survivability by draining health from the enemy.

William Tell is a bit different from the others. You might think that it’s strange to use a PHY DMG character for this stage, but the William Tell strategy is meant to not even deal with the immunity buff. Using his extremely high damage per shot, the goal is to kill the Executioner in only 9 shots without giving him a chance to use the buff.

The hybrid heroes are relatively easier to equip for this stage. For instance, Jane the Kid can complete the stage with 4 6-star Ultimate pieces and the Dark Wolf Hunter Helmet build. On the other hand, William Tell must have 7-star gear, because his single critical shot must deal more than 4,000 damage in order to kill the boss within 9 hits; this damage cannot be achieved with 6-star gear. Also, even if he equips 7-star gear, the damage is heavily reliant on his critical rate, so you may have to retry multiple times if you are unlucky.

Note that heroes like Jane the Kid or Xiang Yu need to be equipped with PHY DMG gear against Executioner. The MAG skills are only needed to remove the enemy buff on the 15th floor, and the main damage generally comes from auto attacks. It’ll be impossible to complete the stage if Jane the Kid is equipped with the full 6-star Launcher set instead of the 4 Ultimate set, as her firepower would be drastically reduced.

The most common strategy is to remove the immunity buff with hybrid heroes such as Xiang Yu or Jane the Kid and kill the target


The Blood Queen on the 16th floor - CC immunity and MAG DMG resistance are the key

As the apex of the Specter Chase, the 16th floor boasts the highest difficulty of all. It’s extremely difficult to complete the stage with just 6-star gear, and thus at least one of the main DPS heroes needs to have a 7-star gear.

The Blood Queen appears as the boss in the stage along with 4 minions. She captivates all ally heroes on a regular basis and her passive ignores damage below a certain threshold. This simply means that low-level DPS heroes cannot even harm her. Moreover, her minions cast various CC skills such as terror, stun, and confusion.

Because of these many obstacles, players need to employ a number of tactics to complete the 16th floor. Significant firepower is first and foremost, followed by CC immunity in order to resist the various CC attacks. The enemy attacks are heavily MAG-oriented, so you need to increase your MAG DEF as much as possible; it is also recommended that you use heroes that primarily target mages so that you kill the boss first.

The Blood Queen’s AoE captivation along with her minions’ CC skills turn the battlefield into a chaotic mess
Increase MAG DEF since the enemy focuses on MAG DMG


In order to meet these conditions, heroes such as Hercules, Genghis Khan, and Dr. Jekyll are always used as part of the team comp for this fight. Genghis Khan deals additional damage to mages and primarily targets mages as well, making him a specialized DPS for Blood Queen. Hercules also targets mages first, and he has a high critical rate, critical damage, and immunity to CC skills, which all are great stats to have when challenging the 16th floor.

Dr. Jekyll can increase the team’s MAG DEF and act as a sub-healer, but he also deals significant AoE damage and becomes immune to CC when he transforms into Mr. Hyde. The second slot of the team is filled by a tank, with Alexander or Athena being the most common picks. With excellent taunt and AoE CC skills, Alexander is exceptionally capable of holding the enemy team off. Athena is considered a good defense-oriented hero who can increase your team’s MAG DEF and even make one invincible for a certain period of time. Add in either Siren and Cassandra, and the 3 DPS, 1 tank, and 1 support comp for this stage is ready to go.

Let’s have a look at the gear settings now. To challenge this stage, the whole team needs to be equipped with 6-star legendary gear, and one of 3 main DPS at least needs to have 7-star gear; this is the minimum requirement. It doesn’t matter which hero is equipped with the 7-star gear; it can be Hercules with the Vicious Black Dragon set, Spell-forged Divine Helmet and Boots, or Genghis Khan with the Ultimate Arrow and Boots, and Annihilation Helmet, Armor, and Ring, or 4 Ultimate pieces with Dark Wolf Hunter Helmet. Dr. Jekyll can equip the Conquering Monarch Staff and Hat, Great Demon God Cape and Shoes with Fergus Ring.

When your gear becomes much higher quality and the team’s survivability and firepower increase, you can create a wombo combo team that annihilates the enemy almost instantly. This is done with Hartmann and Nikola Tesla, who are used to wipe out the whole pack of enemy minions. However, these heroes are quite weak against CC skills, thus it is recommended to equip them with high-quality gear first so that they can withstand more damage.

▲ Hercules and Dr. Jekyll, who can become immune to CC attacks, are main picks for the 16th floor
At least one DPS hero needs to be equipped with 7-star gear to complete the stage easier

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