3on3 FreeStyle Announces a Major Giveaway to Celebrate the Xbox One Release

                                                                             This is the full text of Joycity.com's 9/07/2018 press release.

September 7, 2018, Joycity announced a major event to celebrate the successful release of 3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One. 3on3 FreeStyle is a fast-paced street basketball which was first released in November 2016 on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Since then, it has reached a sizeable audience with sports game fans worldwide. The game was released on Xbox One in August in over 36 countries including United States, Japan, and South Korea. With an influx of new players coming from Xbox One, the game has now crossed over 5 million downloads globally.

To thank all the players who have enjoyed and supported the game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Joycity will be running 2 events to give away major characters and points to be used in the game. Anyone who logs into the game on both consoles and play at least one game of ‘3on3 Mode’ will receive premium characters Crista and Professor. Crista is a retired German soldier with specialties in block related skills and Professor is based on the legendary street basketball player, The Professor. Both premium characters are some of the most popular characters in 3on3 FreeStyle. Players who already have these characters will receive in-game points instead. The event will last until the 11th of September 23:49 (PDT), so make sure to check it out ASAP!

Kyung-tae Kim, Development Director at Joycity, said, “3on3 FreeStyle has received a great response not only in Korea and Japan but also in major console markets such as North America and Europe. We have prepared this giveaway to celebrate the game’s new expanded reach. We will continue to communicate with players from around the world and develop future content they can enjoy.”

About 3on3 FreeStyle: 3on3 FreeStyle is a free-to-play, fast-paced and interactive street basketball sports game, featuring unique characters, online and co-op multiplayer modes, and straightforward controls making the game fun for players of all skill levels. 3on3 keeps the successful formula from FreeStyle 1 and FreeStyle 2 and streamlines it for the modern audience by adding a new progression system, simpler revamped interface, and full controller-based gameplay. With over 600,000 players already playing the PlayStation® 4 version, and a sizeable following in North America, Europe, and Japan, 3on3 FreeStyle is one of the top free-to-play games on PlayStation® 4.

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