[Cartoon] "Waited for 78 months!" KT Score Accomplishes His Long Time Goal


Today's editorial cartoon is about KT Score finally acquiring a title after long 78 months.

Score was given many nicknames in the past for always coming close to winning -- but always finishing in 2nd place. Fascinated by Score's inability to win despite his consistence performance throughout the years, fans began joking that Score will enter Nirvana upon winning a title that he's been longing for. "The day that Score gets his hands on a winning trophy, he'll comfortably and immediately rise up and go to heaven." This joke traveled from fan to fan and eventually reached the players themselves, in which funnily became a goal for the players.

Score is now no longer a crownless king, he's now the LCK champion. He has accomplished a long-time goal. However, it's too soon to let him on his way to heaven. He has another promise that he needs to fulfill. Many fans from around the world are sending countless congratulatory messages to Score and KT, but at the same time, are waiting in anticipation to see them perform at the biggest LoL tournament, the World Championship.

As a 1st generation professional gamer, Score is in another prime. I, too, would like to congratulate Score, a player that became better over time instead of rusting like many would expect. I can't wait to see Score perform at Worlds, the tournament that may or not complete Score's greatest year.

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