[NA LCS Finals Review] Team Liquid Gets Two Straight Championships

Team Liquid won their second championship of this year.

In Oracle Arena, Team Liquid played Cloud9 for the championship of 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs. A close contest was expected for the finals, as it turned out, the match was rather one-sided as Team Liquid swept Cloud9.

Cloud9 seemed to have prepared a trick comp; they picked Twitch, which wasn’t very popular in the recent competitions. Twitch got first blood and it seemed like everything was going their way. However, Team Liquid’s macro was always more than a step ahead of Cloud9 and Team Liquid took Game 1.

Goldenglue and Svenskeren were subbed in for Cloud9 in Game 2, Cloud9 again picked Twitch; this time as the first pick. He didn't make much difference as Pobelter's Irelia was dominating Goldenglue from level 2. Team Liquid was able to get the win without much trouble.

In Game 3, Jensen returned to the stage instead of Goldenglue. Cloud9 also gave up their “surprise” Twitch pick; it didn’t make much difference as Doublelift’s Ashe and Xmithie’s Gragas created a gap. The game lasted for 40 minutes, but the game should have been closed a lot earlier considering Team Liquid had the upper hand for most of the game.

After the game, Xmithie was picked as Finals MVP. As of today's results, 100 Thieves secured a spot at Worlds.

▲ Image capture from Riot Games Twitch

▣ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Finals Results

Game 1: Team Liquid (W) vs Cloud9 (L)
Game 2: Team Liquid (W) vs Cloud9 (L)
Game 3: Team Liquid (W) vs Cloud9 (L)

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