[NA LCS Finals Day 1] TSM defeats 100 Thieves in 3rd Place Decider, Bjergsen Picked as Player of the Series

The battle for 3rd place was fierce between 100 Thieves and TSM. After a full five games, TSM came up on top with Bjergsen’s unbelievable performance.

Rikara started in the bot lane for 100 Thieves. Both teams were extremely careful during the early game; first blood came in a gank top lane at 16 minutes. Anda and Aphromoo cornered Hauntzer to secure first blood for Ssumday’s Gangplank. As Anda stole TSM’s Baron at 30 minutes, 100 Thieves were able to destroy the enemy Nexus first.

Although 100 Thieves won Game 1, Rikara was subbed by Cody Sun in the following game. The game seesawed around, but 100 Thieves crept ahead taking down turrets faster than TSM. However, at the short moment that 100 Thieves were careless, TSM succeeded to slay Baron. After that, the game was turned around in no time. TSM came up on top in Game 2.

Game 3 snowballed in 100 Thieves favor. After securing the Ocean Drake, they continued to collect more objectives without giving up much. The kill score was close, but the 100 Thieves’ macro outplayed TSM.

In the next game, it was the other way around. TSM’s macro was simply too much for 100 Thieves. The game ended in TSM’s victory in a nearly perfect game at a 9-0 kill score and giving up just a single turret.

Bjergsen again played Zilean, the fourth time today. 100 Thieves took the lead. They succeeded to slay four drakes; three mountain and one infernal. It seemed as if 100 Thieves secured themselves a third-place finish for the split. However, TSM didn’t go down easy. Bjergsen’s ultimate was timed perfectly and they were able to again turn the game around.

After the match, Bjergsen was picked as player of the series.

▲ Image captured from Riot Games Twitch.

▣ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split 3rd Place Decider Results

Game 1: 100 Thieves (W) vs TSM (L)
Game 2: TSM (W) vs 100 Thieves (L)
Game 3: 100 Thieves (W) vs TSM (L)
Game 4: TSM (W) vs 100 Thieves (L)
Game 5: 100 Thieves (L) vs TSM (W)

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