[EU LCS Semifinals] Press conference with Vitality: "Schalke is basically a 'baby' version of what Fnatic showed in the Semi Finals, so I’m not worried."


Despite dropping the semi finals to Schalke 04, Vitality returned in their best form to play against Misfits in Madrid. Even with starting on a loss Vitality was able to secure the third place in this years EU LCS Summer Split. After the match, both teams held a press conference at the Palacio Vistalegre. Here are the highlights of the Vitality press conference.



(to Jiizuke) – You weren’t always supported by your family, how do you feel after performing that well?

Jiizuke - I felt very emotional, that I was able to show it and it was worth the effort. Even more with the possibility of going directly to worlds.

(to Yamato) – Do you think Fnatic will help you or Schalke will win against Fnatic?

YamatoCannon – I think Schalke has no chance. Fnatic is a fantastic team, they are coming with a deck of cards full of strategies and the mixture of staff and players are great and performing well. Schalke is basically a “baby” version of what Fnatic showed in the Semi Finals, so I’m not worried. Fnatic will take it home for us.

(to Yamato) – What are your thoughts on the Urgot Pick and how strong is it?

YamatoCannon – Alphari has been spamming a lot of it in Soloq. We knew that as long we had the Tank into Tank matchup we would be able to handle Alphari and Jiizuke would take it home over Sencux. Since Urgot is very good into tanks it could bring a spin on things, even more as we’ve seen the pick in the mid lane in LCK and it brings a lot of all in potential as it is a strong flex pick.


(to Jiizuke) – How was the matchup against Sencux? It seemed he was the weak link in Misfits.


Jiizuke – There have been some weeks he played well and after the meta changed he started playing bad again. He didn’t feel confident in many matchups, so I said to my team that if we play around me I should be able to carry.


(to Yamato) – How was it to face the best of 5 after the losses?


YamatoCannon – We focus on taking the next game. My players are not shook up by a loss. We try to start in our comfortzone and show as little as possible, but we were forced to go all in and had to show a few things we’ve prepared, so we made a few adjustments and were able to take it home.

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