Toronto's OWL team allegedly planning on full Korean roster, already hired Bishop, ex-Spitfire head coach.



Today on Twitter, YouTuber and former competitive hopeful KINGmykL,has allegedly received two big leaks involving the Toronto Overwatch League spot for 2019. On Twitter, he shared this teaser:

Then, about an hour later, he posted a 10-minute video of voice-over describing the leaks over recent Overwatch World Cup 2018 footage:

The alleged leaks in the video claim that Toronto's Overwatch League spot, head up by Jaesun "Jae" Won as General Manager, will be comprised of a full Korean roster.

The other big leak is the alleged hiring of Beom-joon "Bishop" Lee, the ex-coach of London Spitfire. In the video KINGmkyl explains that Bishop had "family issues" causing him to resign, contrary to the belief that he was dropped from the team for any other reason. According to Kingmkyl, Toronto's Overwatch League team has been preparing this team for "over 2 months" and have already hired a litany of support staff including:

- three additional coaches
- A full-time translator
- A sports psychologist
- A personal trainer
- And an in-house chef

At the end of the video, KINGmkyl claimed that Toronto's Overwatch League team has been offering substantial offers to the best free Korean players and are already in the process of securing two-star players who have yet to be named.

You can watch the video your self below. It isn't clear where KINGmkyl is getting his information from, but it would be big news if proven true. Bishop's departure from London Spitfire drew plenty of question marks from fans, but perhaps a chance to coach a new Toronto team explains it.


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