The Story of Kumiho, the Seductive & Mythical Creature in Returners

Following the brief stories on some of the more rugged and robust heroes in Returners, this time we’ll be talking about one of the most adorable heroes… Kumiho! You acquire her very early in Returners, so she’s one of the few main heroes you use when starting out. Some of you may already know what Kumiho’s character is based on, but some of you may not. For those in the latter category, this post will help you learn more about the tiny fox fighter.


▲ This adorable hero is one of the first ones you will get in Returners!

Kumiho is a mythical creature that appears in Korean legends and stories. Her true form is a magical fox with nine tails, but she has the ability to transform into anything it wishes, most often taking the form of a young, attractive woman. It is said that every 500 years the fox’s tail will divide into two, and she will become immortal once it gets 9 tails.

The Kumiho possess something called a ‘fox orb’, which is the source of the Kumiho’s power and knowledge. It is said that a Kumiho can absorb a human’s energy with the fox orb, and any human who swallows the fox orb will obtain special powers. The floating orb that Kumiho uses in Returners is actually her fox orb. The fox orb is used as a weapon for Kumihos in other games as well; Ahri from League of Legends uses her fox orb in her basic attacks and her Orb of Deception skill.


▲ Ahri's Orb of Deception skill uses her fox orb to attack her enemy. 


In Korean legends, the Kumiho is often described as a terrifying and sad creature that strives to become a real human. It is said that a Kumiho can turn into a real human by eating 100 human livers or by marrying a human and living with him for 100 days without her true identity being discovered. In most tales, however, the protagonists who are about to be eaten by the Kumiho survive thanks to the help of animals or ghosts that they previously helped. With the marriage stories, the Kumiho often makes it to the 99th day, but the foolish actions of her husband reveal her identity; Kumiho fails to become a human but does not retaliate due to her feelings for him.

What about the Kumiho in Returners? Kumiho in Returners is a survival fighter who has spell vamp, meaning she will recover health when she deals damage. One of her skills, Tempting Curse, decrease her target’s magic defense, so she can help increase the damage output of other mages. Kumiho is one of the few heroes that can deal both physical and magic damage, and she can also provide a bit of CC.


The most popular gear set for Kumiho is the full Master set, which increases Kumiho’s health along with both her physical and magic damage. Also, the set effects will enhance her skill damage while decreasing her skill cooldown, which is good for Kumiho since she relies on her skills to deal damage and recover health.


▲ The full Master set is the most popular gear for Kumiho.


Since Kumiho inflicts both physical and magical damage, she is a perfect hero to use in Specter Chase 15F, where the boss monster becomes immune to either physical and magical damage after it is hit a certain number of times. Other than that, there is no place for Kumiho to perform well, unfortunately; her default stats are lower than other fighters and she doesn’t have sufficient CC. Her low damage output and low CC capabilities in comparison to other fighters has made her less favored than other heroes. One of her skills, Tempting Curse, used to decrease physical defense, which made her quite useful in the Raid; however, the skill was changed to decrease magic defense and her spot was taken by Sun Wukong. Nevertheless, Kumiho is still useful in the early phase and in Specter Chase. While she is not used in many areas of the game, those who are fond of Kumiho and like having her on their team can still make her viable by equipping a good set of equipment.


▲ The boss monster for Specter Chase 15F. Kumiho is a great hero to use here.

This is it for Kumiho’s story! Although she may not be the most popular hero in Returners right now, she is an adorable hero that deserves more attention. I hope this brief story about Kumiho helped you learn something interesting about Returners. There will be more stories about other heroes coming out soon so stay tuned!

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