[Cartoon] China Wins 3 Consecutive International Titles Against Korea. LCK Now Aims for the Worlds


Today’s editorial cartoon is about the LCK aiming for Worlds after losing the Asian Games gold medal to China.

China won the gold medal for the 2018 Asian Games, which is already their third international tournament victory this year. It was a frustrating night for the Korean fans who wanted to get some revenge. The players seemed to be in a deep state of sorrow after the defeat.

The only international tournament left for this year is the 2018 Worlds (All-Stars, which is an event match is not counted). Although last year’s Worlds was held in China, the finals matchup was between LCK teams; the Chinese fans witnessed the Worlds trophy taken by a foreign team in their own turf and had to wait another year. Now that China is doing remarkably in international events in 2018, fans are more excited than ever, expecting a Worlds trophy back home from the LPL representatives.

Similar to China, Korea is also after revenge. With this year’s Worlds being held in Korea, the LCK representatives should make full use of the home court advantage. It will definitely be an interesting event with KT making their Worlds comeback, and the LCK ‘super-rookies’, Griffin trying to get a spot for Worlds.

The 2018 Worlds is just around the corner. For Korea, it will be one of the most important events in the history of Korean LoL. The LCK teams will have to buckle up their seatbelts and bring their best to restore their international reputation.

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