[Asian Games] CHN Uzi and Ming: "Esports did not receive this type of treatment before. All of us are honored that we got to be apart of the national team at a time like this."

On the 29th of August at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games League event, China defeated South Korea 3-1.

It took people by surprise. China lost both games against Korea in the group stage. A majority had just assumed that Korea would take the clean sweep. However, China blew Korea right out of the water. Once always a step behind South Korea, China had seemed to be now on another level.

Everyone knew that one of China’s trump cards was the Uzi hyper carry. Despite this, no one expected Uzi to explode to a level of performance that rivaled the glory days of the ‘Demon King’ (Faker). While the Chinese team as a whole played well, the highlights naturally went in the favor of China’s bot lane.

After the BO5, Uzi and Ming were interviewed. Let’s see how they feel about winning the first-ever gold medal at the Asian Games for Esports.

¤ How do you guys feel about winning the gold medal?

Ming:It feels really good to have this amazing start. This is because we won the gold medal at the very first Esports Asian Games event. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to play with my teammates. Thanks to our coach, we were able to obtain the gold medal.

¤ Who do you want to share this blissful moment with?

Ming:First, I want to call my family. I am going to tell my mom and dad that I won a gold medal. Next, I want to share it with my fans. Thanks to the support of my fans, I was able to achieve this success today.

Uzi:I, of course, want to share this moment with my family. My family always watches my games with the utmost attention. They always support me. I want to also tell my girlfriend. Same with my family, my girlfriend also supports me a lot (laughs).

¤ What do you want to say to your girlfriend?

Uzi:I don’t want to say. I’m not going to say it (laughs).

¤ In the groups, you guys lost twice against Korea. Were you guys not worried before the finals?

Ming:In the two games that we lost to Korea, there were problems during the mid-game. Although we wanted to win the games in groups, we were able to fix our mistakes because we lost. Since we found our issues and fixed them, we were able to display a better performance in the finals than we did in groups. While nobody liked losing in the group stage, we believed that we were going to win the next game. Today, everyone played well. Our macro was spectacular.

¤ How did your team specifically prepare against Korea?

Ming: In terms of strategy, our coach put in a lot of work. Their thought process is immense. For example, whenever we change our teamfight positioning, our draft also changes. It must have been extremely stressful and physically demanding. And yet, they contributed so much to us. I think today’s win is due to every perfect answer they had prepared for us. To thank for their hard work, I would like to repay them by buying them good gifts when I go back. I want to make them happy.

¤ Was there any big sense of duty and stress when you were wearing the national uniforms?

Ming:Stress was either very little or over the top. Despite this, we were honored with wearing the national uniform. Esports did not receive this type of treatment before. All of us are honored that we got to be apart of the national team at a time like this.

¤ China has been performing extremely well, and China has now won the gold medal. Is there a difference between winning a lot and earning the gold medal?

Uzi: I think the wins we had and the gold medal we won is nothing like anything else. Because you are representing our country at the Asian Games, it meant a lot to us. When it comes to other tournaments, we only have 2 opportunities to win in a year. But this, it will be a while till we have the next Asian Games. This is why I believe this is something that cannot be forgotten.

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    level 3 Genryou

    Once again, it was great to watch China winning in the way they did.

    Uzi and Ming the best and Mlxg the fearless genius.

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