[LoL Asian Games Finals] KR Reactions: "Faker! If you are currently being threatened by China, blink twice."

Asian Games LoL Asian Games Finals Korea vs China

[Before Match]


There’s the Asian Games soccer match after 2 hours. I bet that the broadcast will end in the middle of the game.

ㄴ Why Soccer… For sure they’re going to stop the broadcast.

ㄴ We’ll probably get the gold medal for both events… So, I bet they’ll choose soccer.

ㄴ Let’s win 3:0 and go watch soccer.


What if Score finishes in second place again? If he does, it means that his jinx is really something.

ㄴ I hope that Faker’s being ‘international tournament champion jinx’ is stronger...


Does faker have to go to the military even if he wins the finals?

ㄴ Faker… May I PLEASE go to the military instead of you?



[Game 1]

Kiin! Wow, he is the best.

ㄴ Khan couldn’t get past Letme for 8 games, but Kiin managed to win against him every time.

ㄴ I think Letme is trying to become a Korean citizen.


Faker seems to die quite a lot today.

ㄴ Is Faker trying to become a Chinese citizen?


What? Did they stop broadcasting?

ㄴ Like they gave only bread to the players yesterday, I think this proves that esports shouldn’t be held in a country that lacks infrastructure.

ㄴ Great thanks to the casters. Their comments are really fun. Thank you!!

▲???: “Let’s go root for Score!”

CoreJJ’s shield is a piece of art.

ㄴ CoreJJ-Ruler bottom duo is doing everything.

ㄴ Majai’s is a book that gets ripped apart right after someone buys it lol.

ㄴ I bet he only read it to the contents.


Wait. Uzi just woke up.

ㄴ Xin Zao seems really OP.


Game 1 was dominated by China. I think Faker’s Ryze was out of his minds.

???: Thal~ Let’s watch Faker’s game together!



Wait. Uzi just naturalized as a Korean citizen?!

ㄴ I welcome you.



[Game 2]

First blood! Nice start.

ㄴ This is a bo5 right?

ㄴ Korea is strong in bo5s, so I’m going to have some hope in them.


Oh my, what just happened to Korea...

ㄴ It’s going to be a complete disgrace if we get swept 3:0 by China.

ㄴ Has Faker been kidnapped by some Chinese secret agents? This Faker might just be a hologram.

ㄴ Faker! If you are currently being threatened by China, blink twice.


Finally, mid-jungle comp did something!

ㄴ Now the Faker haters will shut up.

ㄴ Awful → good → awful → good.  Well, Faker fans are hard to anticipate.  

ㄴ Score is doing so well also!


Wow, how did they win this?

ㄴ Galio is so OP.

ㄴ CoreJJ is such a trustworthy support.

ㄴ Uzi must be pissed so bad.



[Game 3]

The 3:0 win scenario has officially come to an end.  

ㄴ Okay, let’s have some patriotism. Let’s win 1:3!


Meanwhile, bottom just collapsed.

ㄴ Uzi’s Samsung skin seems so savage right?

ㄴ What going on with them?

ㄴ What’s up with Ruler?


Uzi’s face seems really red than usual.

ㄴI’ll say about 55 degrees Celcius.  


Real talk. Only Bdd gets to use Zoe from now on.

ㄴ Ruler and Faker’s performance seems really shaky.  


Let’s just go watch soccer!


▲“Do you guys miss us now? Yeah, you guys do right?"



[Game 4]

Peanut now subbed in for Score. Korea is now in a hurry.

ㄴ The problem wasn’t from Score. It’s a bummer that there’s only one substitute.

ㄴ But, Peanut is pulling it off!


Uzi is so good. How the hell did SKT win RNG last year?

ㄴ Uzi was up to 60 degrees Celcius at that time.

ㄴ Is he a forge or something?


Faker woke up!

ㄴ Faker’s Orianna is so good.

ㄴ Is this the “Koreanna”?

ㄴ ???: “Thank you, Grandma!”


The game is so competitive. LoL event is much more competitive than soccer which is broadcasted right now.

ㄴIn case of Korea, you might as well believe in esports rather than soccer.


Okay, it’s totally messed up.

ㄴ China wins. What happened to the Korea that won them two in a row in the group stage?

ㄴ Now that China got the gold medal… It seems that esports will be selected as an official event in no time.

???: “Is it time?”

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