Head Coach Edgar on Facing China at the Finals: "It'll be important for us to not concern ourselves with past international results."

During an interview after the semifinals, the Korean national team's head coach Edgar emphasized that it'll be important for Korea to not concern themselves with past results.

In the 'Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games', Korea's League of Legends national team reached the Finals without dropping a single game. Edgar exclaimed that he's extremely happy that he's reached his first goal of reaching the final stage. He then added that it'll be important for Korea to keep their guard up, as China has been improving throughout the duration of the tournament. 

"When selected to represent Korea in the Asian Games, the first goal that I set was to reach the Finals. I'm happy that I was able to achieve that," he said. Edgar then gave his players their well-deserved praise. "We only made good results because the players performed well despite being in an exhausted state." 

Against Saudi Arabia in the semifinals, Korea played the 'SSG skin' and 'SKT T1 skin' compositions. "The Xayah-Rakan composition was planned ahead of time. When selecting the skins for those two champions, I thought it'd be a good idea to play that composition. Since there was an obvious skill gap between us and Saudi Arabia, we took the opportunity to hide our picks and bans strategy for the Finals."

Edgar was wary of the Chinese national team. "I expected China to have struggled mentally, as they had lost all their matches against us; and against Chinese Taipei in game 1 of the semifinals. But their performance in games 2 and 3 told me to keep my guard up. It'll be important for us to not concern ourselves with past international results."

Edgar then mentioned that he's hoping that his players don't become overconfident. "Our players will perform better if they focus on team play and macro instead of chasing after individual kills. It'll be important to secure leads, one by one," he explained.

Lastly, Edgar thanked the fans who are rooting for him and his team in the 2018 Asian Games. "I believe that we reached the Finals thanks to the fans' support. We'll do our best to remain focused and bring the gold to Korea."

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