[LoL Asian Games Day 2 Review] China Advances to the Finals to Face Korea

The 2nd day (August 28th) of the 'Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games' League of Legends demonstration sport came to a close. All group stage matches and the semifinals were played on this day. The Korean national team didn't drop a single game, heading straight to the Finals.

For their 1st match of the day, Korea played against Vietnam. Unlike on the 27th, where Korea elongated the game -- playing a slow macro game -- Korea applied heavy pressure from the getgo on their second meeting with Vietnam and cornered them. With Peanut as the starting jungler, Korea pulled off many bold plays while macro managing flawlessly. 

Korea then played their last match in Group A against China. The Chinese national team displayed the potential of a gold medalist throughout the tournament, but they were no match for Korea. With all five Korean representatives playing with flawless team coordination, Korea dominated the game. Although they stumbled against China's defense near the end of the match, Korea simply organized another attack and aced the Chinese lineup. With this victory, Korea advanced to the semifinals. 

 On the other side, in Group B, Chinese Taipei finished 1st with a score of 6-0. Chinese Taipei dominated every opponent they faced, showing the world that they're far ahead of the other nations in their group. Their bot lane was especially strong -- allowing Chinese Taipei to quickly finish their games with Betty's hard-carry. By having not dropped a single game against Pakistan and Indonesia, Saudi Arabia finished 2nd in Group B.

Series 1 of the semifinals took place between Group A's 1st, Korea and Group B's 2nd, Saudi Arabia. In the 1st set, Korea played the 'Samsung Galaxy' composition and gave away the First Blood to Saudi Arabia. But their celebration didn't last long; Korea completely dominated Saudi Arabia in every lane and instantly widened the gold gap. Korea remained focused throughout the rest of the game and took the victory with ease.

In the 2nd set, Korea played the 'SK Telecom T1' composition. Peanut's Lee Sin once again brought the lead over to Korea. In retaliation, Saudi Arabia started playing aggressively with Ajwad's Rek'Sai in the frontline. Korea then swapped to a more cautious playstyle. Approximately 20-minutes into the game, Saudi Arabia made one last attempt to defend their base. By calmly countering Saudi Arabia's attack, Korea aced the enemy team to head to the Finals.

Having taken place at the same time, China secured their Finals spot by defeating Chinese Taipei. Looking disorganized at first, China gave away the 1st set to Chinese Taipei. But starting in game 2, China played in a completely different manner. By taking the lead through the laning phase, China macro managed with no mistakes; bringing the series to match point. In the following 3rd set, Chinese Taipei focused their resources on top lane whereas China focused theirs on bot lane. Both sides exchanged blows and remained even throughout the most of the game. Eventually, however, China was able to secure a wider range of vision, allowing them to take multiple advantages. Taking down Chinese Taipei, China advanced to the Finals to face Korea. 

■ 2018 Asian Games League of Legends Esports: Day 2 Results


1st: Korea  6-0
2nd: China 4-2
3rd: Vietnam 2-4
4th: Kazakhstan 0-6

1st: Chinese Taipei 6-0

2nd: Saudi Arabia 4-2
3rd: Pakistan 2-4
4th: Indonesia 0-6

Game 1: Korea(W) vs.Saudi Arabia(L)
Game 2: Korea(W) vs.Saudi Arabia(L)

Game 1: China(L) vs. Chinese Taipei(W)
Game 2: China(W) vs. Chinese Taipei(L)
Game 2: China(W) vs. Chinese Taipei(L)

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