[LoL Asian Games KOR vs CHN] KR Reactions on the 30-Minute Long Pause: “Hey, Faker… the game still isn’t over?”, “I’m afraid not.”

Asian Games LoL Group Stage Korea vs China


[Picks & Bans]

Korea lost... They gave away Kai'Sa and Zoe.

ㄴBoth teams' pick & bans seem okay. 

ㄴWell, if the demonstration event becomes an official one in 2022, the players will be provided a chance to get a military exemption. 


[Game starts]

Faker, let's see you dominating Uzi once again!
  ㄴFaker ripped Uzi apart in the last Asian Game match. [East Asia qualifiers]

ㄴOh my god. I never imagined seeing esports being broadcasted on terrestrial TV.


[Korea gains top first blood ]

Score, let's get a trophy this time, please. 

ㄴThey're putting in a lot of efforts even though they won't get military exemption. 
  ㄴThis time it's a demonstration event. Better luck next time. 

ㄴWhat's up with the broadcast observer? 


I don't know why but Koreans become so strong when they become a 'Korea international team'. You know they even defeated Germany in soccer.  

ㄴWell, I heard that they got ripped by Taiwan in baseball. 
  ㄴThey even got defeated in Archery. They should at least win esports.


[Kiin dies by a 2-man top dive but kills mlxg's Olaf. ]


ㄴI hate this observer... 

ㄴTurret OP!


Where did Bang and PraY go?? 

ㄴWell, where did Faker get all his CS?

ㄴHis CS is crazy. 


My mom just asked why there's a crazy woodcutter running around in the screen. 

ㄴOkay, now they're calling this 'sports'. 

ㄴShould they use professional LoL terms like they do when broadcasting LCK? 
  ㄴThat's why the casters are trying to use easy and basic terms. 
  ㄴWe need a LoL dictionary. 


I hope people get more interest in esports!

ㄴThe casters are doing their best to make us old-generation understand the world of esports. So generate. 

ㄴWhy don't they elaborate on what CS is? 

ㄴParents: Hey, son. Why is the screen so dizzy? 


[Score-Kiin kills Akali near Drake pit] 

His Gragas is a piece of art. 
ㄴWow, Score... 

ㄴThey still should have used Gangplank's ultimate on top. 


Real talk. If a person plays games all day long, just for fun and does absolutely nothing, it's a big waste of time. But, if that's his job... It becomes a totally different story. 


[Second pause]


ㄴOkay... I think it's a bit early to become an official event. 

ㄴThis is the Asian Games equipment to blame. 

ㄴThey should make some time for snacks regarding how much physical fatigue the players must have! Well, the Bronze/Silver/Gold... You guys know nothing. 

ㄴWhat is wrong with this Asian Games?

ㄴIs it hot in there? The players seem to be sweating quite a lot. 

ㄴIs Indonesia using Windows 98?


[Kiin Survives a 3-man bottom dive]

This is what an international representative should do. 

ㄴ"KOR" Kiin
  ㄴHe is not a human being...
  ㄴIf you're Gold tier, isn't that a piece of cake? 


[The third pause]

▲ Score: "Hey, Faker... The game still isn't over?"
▲ Faker: "I'm afraid not..."


ㄴI'm disgusted. 

ㄴEsports has now been ejected from the committee.  

ㄴThird pause already? This isn't right. 

ㄴThe casters tho... How can they talk this much? 
  ㄴCasters: Please stop... We've had and talked enough. 
  ㄴThey're talking about everything that comes out of their mind lol. 
  ㄴSuch a hard job isn't it? 


[Pause ends. Korea starts to dominate the game]

Wow. This game elevated quite quickly... 

ㄴIt seems like the pause itself might be longer than the game time. 

ㄴWhat was the reason for the pause? Can anyone tell me? 


[Korea wins a teamfight and closes down the game]

I should have seen this in terrestrial TV!!!!   
Notes: The broadcast soon switched to online after the long pause. 

ㄴLet's go Korea!!

ㄴMilitary exemption!

  ㄴAnd that will be available in the next Asian Games. 

ㄴWhat? Is it already over? I just came back from the bathroom.

ㄴThe pause was longer than the game time for sure.



▲ The reason why China was so confident. 


▲ ??: Why didn't Kingzone participate!? WHY?!!
▲Tahm "CoreJJ" Kench has Ruler in his stomach. 
▲ Wait... The players only ate bread and water? 
▲ That's why they need Peanut in the Korean roster. 


▲ ??: What?! Faker just picked Galio? Arrest him. 

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