[2018 NA LCS Summer Split Quarterfinals Day 2 Review] 100 Thieves Sweep FlyQuest

The four teams to be competing in the Semifinals of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split have been decided. 100 Thieves swept FlyQuest and headed to the next round along with TSM.

Early in Game 1, Santorin’s Nocturne had a good start with a triple kill. However, 100 Thieves inched their way back into the game, and they turned the game around after a well fought teamfight near the drake.

The two teams played with exact same picks again from Game 1, and 100 Thieves snowballed themselves to victory with a massive 8/0/8 performance from Ryu. Once they were able to secure a lead, they never looked back.

100 Thieves and FlyQuest again each played on blue and red side respectively in Game 3. FlyQuest picked a different comp and it seemed that they would take the match to Game 4 until a critical death from Wildturtle’s Ezreal. It was no problem for 100 Thieves to rampage through mid lane with Baron and Elder buffs powering their side.

After the match, Team Liquid selected 100 Thieves, and TSM was matched with Cloud9 for the semifinals.

▣ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Quarterfinals Day 2 Results

Game 1: 100 Thieves (W)
vs FlyQuest (L)
Game 2: 100 Thieves (W) vs FlyQuest (L)
Game 3: 100 Thieves (W) vs FlyQuest (L)

▣ 2018 NA LCS Semifinals Schedule (Bo5)

September 1st:
Cloud9 vs TSM
September 2nd: Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves

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