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Mass Shooting At Madden 19 Competition in Jacksonville, Multiple Fatalities Reported



On the 26th, in a Madden 19 esports tournament (Southeastern Qualifier for the Madden NFL Championship Series for Madden NFL 19) at GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida, a shooting has occurred. Multiple fatalities were reported by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. According to CNN, preliminary reports suggest 4 killed, 7 wounded.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Twitter, ‘one suspect is dead at the scene’, and that it is ‘unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are being conducted.’

Dotesports reported that a player was shot in the thumb, which was Drini Gjoka. He is now safe and away from the scene, according to compLexity Gaming.

There also are clips of the event in which the game was interrupted immediately after the gunshot.

※ Update August 26th, 4:40PM ET: Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams stated in his first public statement that they "have no outstanding suspects at this time," also mentioned that they "have one suspect in this case. He is deceased at the scene." He also described the suspect as a white man.

※ Update August 26th, 9:10PM ET: 3 dead, including the suspect. 11 wounded, 9 wounded by gunfire. Suspect identified as David Katz, age 24, from Baltimore, MD. He was at the scene for the competition. His car found, impounded, and is under investigation.

RiotGames took a moment to express their condolences during their NA LCS broadcast.

Many others such as Blizzard, Rick Fox, Ninja, DrDisRespect etc. also expressed their condolences through Twitter.

※ Top image captured from Youtube. Warning: The video link may contain disturbing content.


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