LW Red trumps Team Pandemonium 3-0, advancing to the finals

It was yet another opportunity to affirm LW Red’s dominance. LW Red advanced to the finals of Xenics Korea Overwatch Power League Preseason by beating out Team Pandemonium 3-0 in quarterfinals winner’s match on September 6th at Gangnam Inven Studio. The performance from Offense players like Nanohana and Pine was especially impressive.

Game 1 - Numbani

Pandemonium quickly took Point A thanks to Goovae’s Winston picking off the enemy Mercy. From that point on, Pandemonium went more or less uncontested and moved the payload successfully to win with more than four minutes remaining. LW seemed almost startled by Pandemonium’s initial momentum.

On attack, LW got through Point A after a few attempts due to well-timed Transcendence from the team’s Zenyatta and took the second floor vantage point as their own. LW swiftly raced past the midway point, despite Pandemonium’s defense, and almost got to the finish point. Pandemonium was able to buy a little bit of time by fending off the remainder of LW, but it wasn’t able to stop LW from coming back. Pine and Nanohana took the win for LW with spectacular plays that were pivotal in moving the payload across the finish line.

Game 2 - King’s Row

LW utilized Hanzo to take the first control point and rushed to the finish line with the help of Nanohana’s 4-man Deadeye. It was Pine’s perfectly timed Dragonstrike combined with Graviton Surge that sealed the deal.

LW led the score 2-1 with excellent coordination and stable defense. The first game was just a warm-up, but LW showed impressive teamwork this time around. On the other hand, Pandemonium seemed to lack focus compared to the previous game—sometimes even missing Zarya’s ultimate.

Game 3 - Hanamura

LW’s Torbjörn made an appearance in Game 3 on Hanamura. His turrents were successful in fending off a single wave of attacks, but LW had to give up Point A despite using Molten Core twice. Pandemonium wasted no time in taking Point B, but Pine’s Tracer had none of it, quickly picking off enemy Zenyatta and dropping Pulse Bombs as the enemy team rushed in. Pine even showed a tactical flexibility by switching to Pharah in order to counter the enemy team composition. Using a crucial Dragonblade, Pandemonium barely captured the last point with 20 seconds remaining.

After switching sides, Pandemonium employed a tactic to lure their opponents to their base using Reinhardt at the spawn point but did not succeed. LW blazed through Point A and rushed to B, where they brilliantly outplayed Pandemonium by starting a brawl at the control point and letting Pine’s Widowmaker snipe down each Hero. In the end, they won the round with 5:19 left.

In final round of the match, Pandemonium quickly took Point A but struggled to take B. LW almost crumbled under Pandemonium’s attacks but eventually gained control of B with only 30 seconds remaining, winning the match and advancing to finals.

Xenics Overwatch Power League Preseason Semifinals Winners' Match Result

Team Pandemonium 0 vs 3 LW Red

1st game: Team Pandemonium L vs W LW Red – Numbani
2nd game: LW Red W vs L Team Pandemonium – King’s Row
3rd game: LW Red W vs L Team Pandemonium – Hanamura


Source article by Inven Haao


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