RNG Ming: "Last year, Uzi taught me a lot of things regarding the game. This year, I'm also inputting my own ideas during games instead of only relying on Uzi."

Reserved and caring; these are the traits of Ming, the support player for the MSI champions, RNG. 

Along with Xiaohu, Ming rarely stands in the limelight. But what he lacks in flashy plays, he makes up for by bringing a positive energy that uplifts the spirit of his team. Described by head coach Kezman as the "kindest" player in RNG, Ming acts as the adhesive that brings his team together; keeping the team's mentality firm even during the most taxing struggles. He is a selfless player that is always willing to make personal sacrifices to better his team. 

Before RNG climbed the stage to play their game, we ran into an opportunity to speak with Ming. 

Please introduce yourself.

I'm RNG's support player, Ming.

According to head coach Kezman, you're the kindest player in the team -- even going so far as to say that you were born and destined to become a support player. What's your opinion on this?

I like the support role. Even from my perspective, I think I'm nice. (Laughs)

Kezman also mentioned that there are two players on RNG who don't garner much attention, despite their large influence on the team. The two players he mentioned were you and Xiaohu. Can you tell us what your role is in the team?

Xiaohu and I discern the flow of a game and try to restrict the other players from overextending. And as for receiving attention from fans... it honestly doesn't matter. Even if I don't receive fan recognition, as long as our team wins, I'm fine with it. In a way, it's actually better that way. If I don't receive much attention, there is less pressure on me while I'm playing.

As for Xiaohu, he also has a nice personality, so like me, he fills the role of getting everyone together during games.

Is there a specific player on the team that you personally like?

Uzi is my bot lane partner, so I really enjoy his company. But with that said, I like everyone on the team just the same. 

I'm curious as to how your relationship is with Uzi, a veteran star player in the LPL. How is the bot lane synergy between you and Uzi?

Last year, Uzi taught me a lot of things regarding the game. This year, I'm also inputting my own ideas during games instead of only relying on Uzi. 

What kind of a support player do you aspire to become? What is your goal?

I want to become a support player that plays his role appropriately for his team. My goal is to obviously win the World Championship, but it's not an easy one... Every team participating will be strong, and we'll have to beat them, one by one...

Any last words for your fans abroad?

When I was playing abroad for an international tournament, many foreigner fans cheered us on alongside the Chinese fans. I'll make sure to repay them with a good performance. 

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