[Editorial Cartoon] The Current State of the LCK: Is This the Regional Qualifier or Worlds?

※ Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs and qualified for the finals. The text and illustration shown here are subjected on matters prior to the semifinals.

Today's editorial cartoon is about the upcoming battle between Afreeca Freecs and Griffin, and the LCK teams who are fighting to secure their ticket to Worlds. 

KT Rolster is still receiving congratulatory messages from their fans, as they were the first LCK team to secure a spot in the World Championship this year. The LCK fans are excited to see who will face KT at the Finals stage, and which two LCK teams will attend Worlds alongside KT. 

The team with the highest probability is Afreeca Freecs. First of all, if they reach the Finals, they'll receive their ticket to Worlds, regardless of whether they win or lose. However, if AFs fail to advance to the Finals, they'll have to hope that Griffin will lose to KT in the Finals. 

The team that'll face Afreeca Freecs in Round 2 of the LCK Summer Playoffs is Griffin. Despite being a rookie team, GRF has been playing phenomenally -- they're just one step away from reaching the Finals. Due to the strong showing GRF had during the regular season and the struggle LCK teams had in recent international tournaments, many Korean fans are silently hoping that GRF qualifies for the World Championship. But unlike AFs, GRF will have to advance to the Finals and win it as well if they want to quickly secure their ticket to Worlds. 

The team lineup of the LCK regional qualifier is also quite impressive... with Kingzone eliminated from the playoffs, all teams that participated in Worlds last year will compete in it again. However, although KZ tasted bitter defeat in the playoffs, they're still a big favorite coming into regionals. As for Gen.G Esports and SK Telecom T1, they'll have to compete from the bottom of the regional's bracket. In addition to those three teams, either Afreeca or Griffin will come to compete in the regionals as well.  With this stacked lineup, the regionals will definitely be a fierce competition.

Both the LCK Finals and regionals will keep the fans on their toes. Summer has been cooling down recently, but the LCK fans are still burning with anticipation.

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