Afreeca Kiin on How to Boost Your Tier: "Simply stop playing when you lose and play more when you’re winning."

The first step for the LCK finals, Afreeca Freecs defeated Gen.G in the Wild Cards match and proceeded to the playoffs round 1. For our video interview, we met Afreeca’s top laner Kiin who delivered remarkable performance on Quinn.

The following is the interview with Afreeca Freecs Kiin.

Afreeca defeated Gen.G Esports in the Wild Cards match. Did you expect the score to be 2:0?

My teammates and I didn’t expect that. Well, it feels good to win 2:0.


The team did not have a lot of time to prepare for the Wild Cards. How did the team prepare for it?

We didn’t have a lot of time, so we prepared like we used to do.


The opponent used Sivir in game 1. How was it?

We were surprised to see Sivir picked in game 1 pick &bans. Still, the game went well and that’s how we won.


You almost lost the game after losing 5 vs 5 teamfights twice in game 1. Weren’t you pressured since the opponent’s composition was strong in late games?

We did feel pressure when all five of us died. However, we managed to get back in by using split push strategies; it worked.


The opponent banned Quinn in game 2 since you were so good on her in game 1. How would you rate your Quinn performance?

I think I was better on her than when I practiced her in scrims. (laughs) I’m satisfied.


You barely used your E skill in teamfights and split push phase. Why?

When Taliyah uses her E in teamfights, I get literally erased. That’s why I was trying to save it for later. I used it right before I was about to die.


Now you’ll face Kingzone DragonX in the playoffs round 1. Are you nervous since the team wasn’t that good against them?

I’m not that sure about myself, but I think my teammates become a bit hasty when going against Kingzone. Although I do feel afraid, I’m going to do my best as usual.


I heard that you reached Challenger tier not long after starting League.

That’s not true; I did play League for quite a long time. (laughs) I started League in Season 3 for fun and I think I reached Challenger in Season 6. I started to take it seriously in Season 7 after I became a pro gamer. Before that, I played for fun while I was attending school.


Do you have any know-how of boosting your tier in League?

Well, simply stop playing when you lose and play more when you’re winning. (Q. That's it?) Yes. (laughs) I play like that since League is about gaining momentum.


Any thoughts on your next match which will be the playoffs round 1?

We defeated Gen.G, so we’ll face Kingzone. I'm going to try to win Kingzone and try to defeat the other teams one by one. Thank you.  

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