Team Dignitas reveals the best trash talkers in the HGC

After their winner's bracket finals match against Team Freedom, we questioned Team Dignitas on which of their peers tilt, fluster, or otherwise push their buttons in-game and out.



Out of all the pro players in the scene, is there a specific individual who you hate losing to for one reason or another?


JayPL: I actually have no clue because I kind of like everyone and I think everyone deserves to win at some point. I don't have any anger towards anyone. 


Snitch: The player who I hate losing to most in my career is probably adrd. He's not a mechanically strong player and I think he knows that as he doesn't consider himself to be but he has all these wacky picks  and strategies. It's so annoying. Everytime you lose to something, like Zarya, you just get angry. It's like, "Why are you playing Zarya? Why are you making me play against Zarya? Why am I losing to Zarya?"


Zaelia: Maybe it's Mene now, actually. We used to be on a team and we went opposite ways so now there's this...not a rivalry but Mene's a character, he's fun to be around and he's a bomb of emotion. You know when we wins, he's feeling good so losing to him and knowing he feels great, it's bad. 


POILK: I don't really think I have one considering I'm pretty new to the scene so I don't really have any rivals. I would hate to lose to my old team (Zealots). Losing to my old team is a fear of mine as it would make me think, "Did I make a bad decision leaving it?"


Wubby: I'm going to go in a similar direction and say that, this year, when I swapped between Dignitas and Fnatic, I had the mentality of, "I don't care if I lose as long as I don't lose to my previous team." There's no specific players. 


▲ Fnatic's Thomas "Mene" Cailleux wears his emotions on his sleeve.


Who do you consider the best "trash talker" and knows how to get under your skin?


JayPL: I would say AlexTheProG in this case. I wasn't thinking about him since it has been so long, he's just a big troll. 


Snitch: I don't know if I've ever been trash talked. Everyone's too scared to trash talk us because they know we would win. I guess the best trash-talker in history is probably scHwimpi, he just gets flamed nowadays though so it's rough. 


Zaelia: I don't know if he's the best trash talker but Michael Udall does a damn good job finding haters and lovers. In EU, scHwimpi is pretty dank. AlexTheProG is almost too much of a joke right now. He talks trash but there's nothing behind it. Maybe Linked too. He's been slamming the interviews with dabs and he might be the new trash-talking king in EU. 


POILK: I think (BadBenny) talks a lot now after he swapped from Fnatic, not towards us though. I guess he's talking a lot now because he's doing well. 


Wubby:  I think me and AlexTheProG smack talk a lot, back-and-forth. It's just that he can't back it up so it's not that interesting but it's what I have. 


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