[Western Clash] Team Freedom's renewed confidence: "It's all about leading the early game, locking the game, then winning the game."

After their victory against Leftovers, Team Freedom was eager to talk to the Western Clash press core at Blizzard Arena LA. We spoke to ranged assassin Phillipe "Nazmas" Laberge and Coach analyst  Melih "Leviis" Aissa about their bootcamps against Team Dignitas, their confidence against Method and their no-stress approach to this tournament.

▲  Nazmas (left) immediately after a Western Clash match victory.

Questions to ranged assassin Nazmas:

You've performed quite well thus far, what were your expectations coming into the event?

We started this tournament and the boot camp was a bit of a mess. We scrimmed mostly against the best team that everyone says is at this tournament, Dignitas. We came in thinking, as a joke, "If we win this tournament, it's by accident." The fact that we have no pressure makes things easier.

We don't have a lot of stress and people telling us we're really good and we have to win. Last Western Clash everyone was hyping us up like we're the best NA team and we're beating Dignitas. Now this is quite the opposite. We told ourselves to chill out and it's like taking a walk right now, we are just happening to be winning right now, which is really cool.


As you prepare for Dignitas tomorrow, how are you feeling considering you recently spent quite a bit of time scrimming them?


Mentally it makes us feel like, "Let's see what happens," but we're going to work really hard tonight. We saw a lot of their drafts because we played against them a lot so we're going to find the little thingy that clicks for them and we'll try to play our best. As long as we're playing as a team I think we'll have a chance.

I think to keep our momentum, all we need to do is... this is a team-focused game so as long as we're next to each other, we can pick each other up when we fall.

▲Lutano (left) being coached by Leviis(right)

Questions to Coach Leviis:

You guys boot camped against Dignitas and now you are going to be playing them in your next match -- what did you guys take away from that experience seeing them play?

We have gotten some experience from their drafts and there are a lot of things I have now explained to the team. We have learned a lot for their drafts -- the Medivh and the Maiev. In NA, the meta is completely different so we have learned a lot from their drafts and rotations.

It's all about leading the early game, locking the game, then winning the game -- you have a huge scaling at 16 and 20. We learned this from Dignitas: we were already learning it but, against Dignitas, every mistake becomes huge. Positioning mistakes in the early game put you behind and you don't ever want to be behind vs. Dignitas. We have learned cleaned rotation, clean gameplay and clean drafting.

Are you worried about playing Dignitas?

We will probably face Method because we will likely lose against Dignitas, but I am confident against Method. If you asked me if we could beat Method two weeks ago... adrd and Elahzul (Method's Coach)? I wouldn't know if we could.

But after scrimming a bit against them, and watching our games -- it's been good for us and we are confident.

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