SKT T1 Faker Finally Comes Back To Play For SKT After 7 Consecutive Games.

Faker has finally made his way back onto the LCK Summer stage on the 9th of August (KST) in the last game of the regular season. Ever since the game against kt Rolster on the 19th of July, Faker has been on the sidelines for 7 consecutive games.

Starting from August when Pirean was consistently seen instead of Faker, fans started to question when Faker was going to come back or if he was going to come back at all. As time went by, fans were more and more anxious to see their favorite 'superstar' come back. Having Pirean as the starter for 6 set games, SKT T1 had resulted in 4 set wins and 2 set losses (9 total wins and 6 total losses *excluding the game against MVP*).

Rumors began to spread among the community that Faker was the starting mid laner in scrims. While the community went crazy on the possibility of Faker finally returning, long and behold, Faker was shown to be the starting mid laner for the last game of the regular season.

It is not unusual to question the performance of previously subbed out players coming back onto the starting roster. Faker is no exception. However, Coach Kkoma has always had what was best for the team. While time will tell if Faker is back to his "Demon King" self, all we can do is trust Kkoma's judgment and Faker's ability to do 'Faker' things.

Below is a snapshot of Korea's top Challenger rankings. Currently, Faker is ranked 2nd with 1,130 LP and Pirean at 4th with 1,100 LP. 

▲ Faker's account: 'Hide on bush'. Pirean's account: 'Pireannn'

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