Astonishingly Beautiful Black Wings - Sorcerer's Fallen Garzar Set Revealed in Black Desert Online

The Fallen Garzar Set for Sorcerer has been released. The costume was first released for Valkyrie before, and this costume shares similar appearances with Valkyrie’s but involves more exclusive weapons.

The costume itself is not that different from that of Valkyrie - it features a helmet in a horn shape on top of the forehead with multiple thick strings surrounding the upper body. On the back of the costume are two dragon wings, and dragon’s thick scales are rendered in a rugged diamond pattern.

The reaper’s scythe embodies the dragon’s wing which shows an agile look with a touch of yellow lines and black background. Like all other sorcerer’s weapons, the amulet and talisman are not noticeable.

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    level 1 Neovai

    Where i can get this Sorc preset ?

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