An Instant Kill with a Single Shot! Napoleon, the Core Hero as the 3-Star Reward in the Late Adventure


The new hero Napoleon is at its doorstep to be released in Returners Global. Napoleon is an AoE Ranger who features distinct mechanisms, unlike other heroes.

One of them that stands out the most is his ultimate skill called Revolutionary Cannon which randomly kills the enemy instantly. Due to its devastating performance, he becomes extremely effective in a fight such as Adventure or League where you need a killing blow to overcome the enemy’s higher combat power.


Aim for an instant kill with a random instant kill! The snapshot of Napoleon

Napoleon is an AoE hybrid Ranger with PHY ATK and MAG skills. His preferred target is the one with the lowest health, and he possesses a skill that deals multiple damages to the tank. His ultimate skill which randomly kills the target instantly is the most unique skill of all, thus this provides a great aid for making strategic movements.

Other skills are also designed to support his ultimate skill. The first skill called 포탄 does AoE damage while stunning targets as well, allowing Napoleon to buy some more time for the ultimate skill. The second skill called Charisma is a passive skill which reduces the ultimate skill cooldown by up to 10 seconds upon killing the target.

Simply speaking, you can literally erase one target each with the ultimate skill if you are lucky. You can make instant kills almost repeatedly with Revolutionary Cannon along with Charisma which reduces the cooldown. In particular, the instant kill is still applied regardless of the combat power which helps overcome the higher combat power significantly.

However, Napoleon’s general combat power itself is not that good as he is a hybrid hero, and this is somewhat similar to Hartmann. However, Hartmann is widely used as the main DPS for a wombo combo in the League with his powerful AoE ultimate skill, but Napoleon lacks such a feature and is thus less popular than Hartmann. In fact, one can say that his ultimate skill is almost everything he has.

The most unique skill that makes an instant kill which can even overturn the tide of the battle
Charisma makes Revolutionary Cannon much more effective


How to use Napoleon - Reduce the cooldown and aim for the enemy’s core hero

Napoleon’s gear set is somewhat different from other Rangers, and this is to make as many instant kills as possible with Revolutionary Cannon. Although Napoleon can also equip gears that increase the PHY ATK and/or skill damage just like Jumong, Taejo, and William Tell, there would be no point in using him if you do so.

The important aspect of Napoleon’s gears is the cooldown reduction, thus the Annihilation Armor and Eternal Shining Star Ring are used. These two gears can reduce the cooldown by 6.5 seconds, and the Launcher gears can secure both MAG ATK and normal skill CD.

This combination, however, loses the benefits of the gear set effect, thus it is generally better to equip the full Launcher set if you focus more on the comprehensive combat power. The set provides a good MAG ATK bonus for hybrid heroes. The Annihilation set can also be a reasonable choice for the ultimate skill CD and set effects, but it is not as suitable for Napoleon who is not reliant on basic attacks.

There is one specific hero that you always bring with Napoleon, that is, Cassandra. Her Burning Time reduces the hero’s cooldown of both normal skills and ultimate skill which is the perfect effect for Napoleon who is heavily reliant on frequent skill uses.

The ultimate skill CD reduction is very important for Napoleon
The Launcher set is most suitable if you focus more on increasing the combat power
Cassandra’s buff allows more frequent uses of Revolutionary Cannon to decimate the battlefield


Although Napoleon can be used for any type of content, his full capability shines the most in the Adventure. He is considered useful in late Adventure stages from 31 to 35 especially in South Korea because the monsters are extremely powerful.

The combat power of Stage 31 exceeds 57,000, and Thor, the final boss of Stage 35-10, is over 110,000. You still need to complete the stage within 40 seconds for claiming 3 stars, thus Napoleon is mostly used for decimating the enemies in one shot.

However, Napoleon's instant kill does not apply to the Stage boss, thus it would be better replacing Napoleon with the one who can perform the most powerful firepower for the Boss stage.

Napoleon is also used for PvP against powerful enemies. For instance, you can expect to turn the tide of the battle in which the enemy team’s combat power is much higher than yours.

In this case, you should make Napoleon target the specific enemy who is the core of the enemy team because it will be less efficient to instantly kill one of the enemy team members who does not have significant combat power.

Napoleon’s preferred target is the one with the lowest health, thus targeting the enemy is much more important, because an instant kill becomes much more effective when the target is strong and has a considerably large amount of health. The main DPS, or tanks who can taunt such as King Arthur or Alexander are recommended targets.

Using Napoleon from Stage 31 to 35 is a popular tactic in South Korea
Use Napoleon to make an instant kill if the enemy team is more powerful in the League


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    level 6 Suleman_Malik


    For the main game, not the Korean version of it. Napoleon does not kill stage bosses for adventure mode. Please rewrite that part. Thank you. I do not know why Nexon made it this way but he never instakill's the bosses :(
    • 0

      level 13 Tonny



      As you mentioned, Napoleon's instant kill does not apply to the boss. The part you pointed out was implying the reduction of time taken for completing the stage by killing monsters as quickly as possible for 3 stars "except for the boss stage". I added another paragraph to clarify this point and avoid any misunderstandings. Please notify us if you have any questions or find any errors.

      Thank you!

    • 0

      level 6 Suleman_Malik

      @Tonny Oh okay thanks for the clarification :)
    • 0

      level 1 Mungobean2


      Yeah I purchased Napoleon with that expectation prior to the edit lol. Much to my disappointment when I saw the boss just shrug off the instant kill chance.

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