Griffin Viper: "Teemo is a good pick, but there aren’t suitable situations for him these days. Also, traditional ADCs are good. I think I should let him go"

On the 8th of August (KST), Griffin defeated bbq Olivers 2:0. Although bbq had the advantage in game 1, Griffin delivered some unbelievable teamfight abilities and came from behind to win. Game 2 was rather one-sided. Griffin dominated the opponent throughout the game and destroyed bbq’s Nexus.

After the match, Griffin was interviewed by OGN.

How do you feel about today’s victory?
Sword: I’m not going to be satisfied just yet and improve more. We did anticipate on ending the split in quite a high position. However, as we became used to it, it backfired.


Tarzan’s performance is being praised. Do Griffin’s standings hit you? How does it feel?
Tarzan: Well, it does hit me since now we’re going to perform in the playoffs. I think I learned something from every jungler; I was able to gather up those good quality data. I think I learned from Ambition a lot in practice.


As a mid laner, which jungle champion makes Tarzan the trustworthy?
Chovy: He’s trustworthy on any champion. It’s not about performing on a single champion, but he’s trustworthy because he is our team’s jungler.

Chovy’s KDA was again remarkable. Are there any tips on not dying?
Chovy: I think I stand where I can’t be killed. Well, that might be the secret.


Viper’s Kai’Sa was again exceptional. It seemed that you knew exactly when to engage in game 2.

Viper: I was able to see the opponent on the map. Also, I believed that I’d pull it off if I can evade their ultimates. Tarzan used his E well, and that’s how I killed the opponent.


Will it be possible to see Teemo again?

Viper: Teemo is a good pick, but there aren’t suitable situations for him these days. Also, traditional ADCs are good. I think I should let him [Teemo] go.


Although there’s no ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in the LCK, I thought that someone in Griffin can receive it. If you had to pick one player, who should receive the Rookie of the Year?

Tarzan: It’s hard to choose just one...

Lehends: Chovy rather gets a lot of help from us so I’ll exclude him. Sword was just always at his place doing his things, so I’ll exclude him as well. Now we have Tarzan and Viper left. It seems that Tarzan did a great job, but I think Viper should get the award.  


Although the team made it to the playoffs, it’s still quite early to count your chickens. Can you give a word about the playoffs?
Sword: Our 1st place isn’t confirmed yet. Well, I don’t really mind since I already believe that we have to win every match [in the playoffs]. We’ll be preparing to win any match and prepare well for the playoffs; we’ll qualify for the Worlds as well.  

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