[LCK Summary Day 42 Review] Afreeca Proceeds to the Playoffs. Griffin Sweeps BBQ

On the 8th of August (KST), Afreeca Freecs and Griffin both swept Jin Air Green Wings and bbq Olivers 2:0. With this victory, Afreeca advanced to the playoffs Wild Cards match. Griffin also has a chance of securing 1st place for the regular split; the final standings will be decided after the kt Rolster vs MVP match. 


For the first series of the day, Afreeca went against Jin Air. 

Afreeca dominated the early game for game 1. With Spirit’s Olaf gaining 3 kills near the 10-minute mark, Afreeca’s laners started to snowball. They won most of the skirmishes and eventually destroyed Jin Air’s bottom/mid tier 1 turrets.

Afreeca soon destroyed Jin Air’s bottom tier 2 turret using the Rift Herald. The game was rather quiet until the 30-minute mark. After gaining vision control near Jin Air’s red buff, Afreeca attempted a Baron hunt and succeeded. Using the buff, Afreeca’s Kennen and Aatrox started to split push Jin Air’s side lanes.

Jin Air initiated a 4 vs 5 teamfight near their tier 2 top turret. However, even though Aatrox was in bottom lane, Afreeca won the fight. They directly ran to Jin Air’s Nexus and closed down game 1.

The early-game phase for game 2 was a rather quiet one. However, things started to elevate when the two teams went for the second Dragon. Although a fight did not occur, Afreeca succeeded to secure the Infernal Dragon. Also, Kiin managed to destroy Jin Air’s top tier 1 turret. Kiin soon went to bottom lane. He started to pressure Kennen with his Ryze and eventually destroyed the bottom tier 1 turret.

After killing Syndra in mid lane, Afreeca attempted a Baron hunt. The two teams engaged for a teamfight near the pit. Afreeca managed to deliver solid performance in the fight and aced Jin Air; this was the last fight for the series. Afreeca destroyed Jin Air’s Nexus and swept the series.

Griffin went against bbq Olivers in the second series. 

On game 1, Griffin got a head start from a kill from Zoe-Graves. Zoe managed to land her E on Varus and Graves picked up the kill. Although BBQ’s Ryze-Trundle killed Griffin’s Cho’Gath, Zoe-Graves started to pressure the opponent mid laner. Near the 10-minute mark, BBQ attempted a 3-man dive against Griffin’s bottom duo. They succeeded but Chovy’s Zoe managed to join just in time and killed Trundle.

Near the 18-minute mark, BBQ secured their second Infernal Dragon. Although the game was pretty much even, BBQ had a slight advantage. However, their confidence backfired in the fight near top lane. The fight seemed to stop after both teams used most of their Summoner Spells. But, BBQ engaged again by using Ryze’s ultimate. Griffin countered with Zoe’s E which instantly killed a champion. This led to a huge teamfight victory and Griffin secured the first Baron buff.

After killing Ryze who was pushing through top, Griffin advanced to BBQ’s territory and destroyed both Nexus turrets which made BBQ focus on wave clear. When they were focusing on mid, Tahm Kench used his ultimate and went straight for the Nexus with Kai’Sa. This was the end of game 1; the two succeeded to destroy the Nexus.

Game 2 was one-sided. Griffin gained first blood and started to quickly snowball throughout the early-game. They won most of the teamfights and soon secured the Baron. Once they destroyed the opponent’s mid inhibitor, the gold difference was already 10,000. Griffin gradually destroyed most of the turrets in BBQ’s territory and closed down the series.


Series 1: Afreeca Freecs VS Jin Air Green Wings < 2-0 >

Game 1 AFs (W) VS JAG (L)
Game 2 AFs (W) VS JAG (L)

Series 2: bbq Olivers VS Griffin < 0:2 >

Game 1 BBQ (L) VS GRF (W)
Game 2 BBQ (L) VS GRF (W)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 13-5 (+15)
2. Gen.G Esports 13-5 (+12)
3. kt Rolster 12-5 (+13)
4. Kingzone Dragon X 12-5 (+11)
5. Afreeca Freecs 10-8 (+6)
6. HanwhaLifeEsports 10-8 (+4)
7. SKT T1 8-9 (-2)
8. MVP 4-13 (-17)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 4-14 (-17)
10. bbq Olivers 2-16 (-25)

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