Returners Guild Annihilation War Guide: Different Team Comps Necessary for Attack and Defense


The Guild Annihilation War is a guild PvP content that you can participate in when you are in a guild with 15 or more players. Members of each guild will attack the other guild with their offense teams while defending their guild with defense teams.

Two guilds will be fighting against each other in the Guild Annihilation War, and you cannot choose a specific guild as your opponent. The Guild Annihilation War is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the rewards will be distributed on every Sunday based on your guild’s standing.

In the pre-season, you can get daily rewards and weekly ranking rewards. The daily rewards will be determined based on the result of the day, and the weekly rewards will be determined based on the guild’s rank and the contribution scores of individual players. Guild ranks will be determined based on the results of the Guild Annihilation Wars of the week, and contribution scores will be applied at a maximum of 10%.


If your guild is in a higher standing and you have contributed to the war more, you will receive more guild points. If you need to buy a lot of Relics or Mozart, the Guild Annihilation War would be an essential place to earn guild points.


▲ You will get more guild points if your guild is in a higher standing and if you have contributed to the war more.


You can see the name tags of your guild members in the Guild Annihilation menu. As a lot of players can participate in the war (a maximum of 50 players from each guild), there will be separate screens for the 1st Army and the 2nd Army. The 1st Army will consist of the top 25 members with higher combat power, and the remaining 25 members will be in the 2nd Army. If there are less than 25 members in a guild, there will be no 2nd Army.

The combat power, username, number of successful attacks and defenses will be displayed on the name tags of each guild member. The maximum number of successful attacks displayed on the name tag will be 5, and the maximum number of successful defenses displayed on the name tag will be 250. If a member fails in defense, the master portrait will appear in black and gray and the person’s name tag will be moved to the last position within the page.

You can also check the status of the war in the Members menu. You can check who is still alive and how much HP they have left for both the 1st and 2nd Army in the menu. In the Battle Info menu, you can check each member’s contribution score, remaining opportunity of attacks, number of victories, and number of defenses. The player with the highest contribution score will be at the top of the list, and the rest of the members will be displayed in descending order.


▲ The Guild Annihilation War screen. The position of the guild members will be determined based on their combat power.


There are two phases in the Guild Annihilation War. The defense preparation period is from 00:00 to 13:00, and the attack period is 13:00 to 22:00. All members who are participating in the war must prepare for defense between 00:00 and 13:00, and start attacking the other guild after 13:00.


During the defense preparation period, players in each guild should set up their teams for defense. The team composition will be fixed after the preparation period, so there isn’t much you can do about defense during the attack period. You must be considerate in setting up your defense team during this period.

During defense, your team will move on to the next battle with whatever HP remains after each one. In other words, the damage will be accumulated throughout the war. Even if you successfully defend against one opponent, the chance that you will win the next battle will decrease as the war goes on and you are attacked multiple times. You must take this into consideration when setting up your defense team.

It is more effective for the defense team to focus on survivability and healing than to focus on damage. As mentioned before, if you are attacked multiple times consecutively it is highly likely that you will be defeated due to the accumulated damage that you take. You must have support heroes so you can heal as much HP as possible. Also, it is dangerous to focus on either physical defense or magical defense, as you cannot choose your opponent or switch heroes or gear during the war.

After the defense preparation period, you cannot do anything that changes your defense heroes’ status, including their conditions. The condition of the heroes that will be in the defense team during the war period is crucial in victory. It is recommended to recover their condition to at least Average before the preparation period ends.


▲ Condition is a crucial feature in victory. Recover their condition before the preparation period ends.
▲ Support heroes will play important roles.


Players in each guild can attack the other guild from 13:00 to 22:00. Each guild member has 5 opportunities to attack, and cannot attack the same target more than once. After choosing an opponent, you can set up your team for attack and then start the battle.


Unlike the defending team, the heroes in the attacking team will have 100% HP again for the next battle if they survive. However, if a hero dies during the battle, the hero will be unable to enter another battle until the Guild War ends. For attacking, you can change your team comp and/or switch gear, even if the hero is dead.

As gear setting and team comp are not fixed for attacks, it is recommended that you focus on damage rather than focus on survivability. Also, composing a team with heroes that have the same primary target to eliminate an enemy hero faster will be a good strategy. For example, you can use Cassandra and Napoleon, the latest hero, to try to quickly eliminate an enemy.

One thing you should be wary of is that if you proceed to the next battle without switching out the dead hero from your team, your next battle will start without the dead ones. If one of your heroes is dead, switch the hero with another one as soon as the battle ends. If all of your heroes die before you spend all your attack opportunities, you cannot attack anyone.


▲ Napoleon and Cassandra together are strong against defense-focused team comps.


Here are some strategies for optimal team compositions for defense and attack. First, you do not know which heroes you will fight when you are defending, so focusing on attack might be a risky choice. Focusing on defense will be a better choice here.

The recommended main DPS for the defense team is Taejo. Taejo has a viable level of survivability with his evasion and knockback. His preferred target is supports, so it is possible to eliminate the enemy team’s support early on.

On the other hand, the attack team should focus on damage so they can eliminate at least one enemy hero from the defense team. However, it is hard to manage the battle with a support hero if the enemy team has Taejo, in which case it will be harder for the attack team to win if the battle lasts longer. The defense team can also try to make the battle last longer by having multiple support heroes in the team.

Siren is a good main healer with superb healing skills. Mozart can be a good off-healer as he can buff allies and deal damage to enemies, and Cassandra will make the skill rotation faster. Lastly, a tank hero that can taunt enemies will be quite effective in a defense composition. Alexander is a good tank for this team composition, since he will have more survivability from defense buffs when he is used with Mozart.


▲ Alexander, Taejo, and three support heroes to make the battle last longer.


The team comp of the attack team will change depending on the team comp of the defense team. For example, if the defense team has multiple healers the attack team should try to eliminate the DPS first. If the DPS dies first the team won’t be a threat.


The team comp should also change depending on the main DPS of the enemy team. If the enemy team has a Ranger, heroes that prefer Rangers (Xiang Yu, Kunoichi, Cupid, and Yuki Onna) will be good DPS heroes.

If the enemy team has a tank hero as its main hero, William Tell might be a good choice as he can ignore defense.

If the defense team does not have many healers, you can try to eliminate the healers first. The DPS heroes that primarily target supports are Taejo, Tesla, Little Red, Guan Yu, and Hong Gil-dong. Tesla and Hong Gil-dong have great synergy since Hong Gil-dong’s ultimate can pull enemies and Tesla’s ultimate deals AoE damage. Tesla is especially strong against supports because his ultimate deals 1.5 times more damage to supports.


▲ The team composition specialized in eliminating enemy supports quickly.


Guild Annihilation War Summary

▶ Guild Annihilation War is held on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

▶ Defense Preparation Period is from 00:00 to 13:00, and guilds can attack each other from 13:00 to 22:00.

▶ Heroes in the defense team will not have their HP restored for the next battle. Healing is a crucial element.

▶ Each guild member will have 5 opportunities to attack. Heroes in the attack team will have their HP restored to 100% for the next battle.

▶ Rewards (Guild Points) are distributed every Sunday, depending on guild ranks and individual contribution score.


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