[Cartoon] "I've beaten him once!" Theseus Meets Minotaur Once Again!

There are a variety of heroes from all over the world in Returners, and among them, few share the same fame as the legendary heroes of Greece. Theseus, one of the ancient Greek Heroes, is the best Athenian hero who rivals even the mighty Hercules. He even claimed the throne after defeating various monsters and villains. Among his adversaries, the Minotaur, a therianthropic beast with the head of a bull, is the most famous monster.

In Returners, both Theseus and Minotaur make an appearance together. As you know, Minotaur is a Raid boss who possesses extremely powerful combat power. Even if he has beaten the monster before, the mighty Theseus should really be more careful when they encounter each other once again!

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