EU LCS All-Stars' Press Room Team Interview


xPeke, are you liking the new patch?

xPeke: It was mainly about assassins, but most of them will get banned, so I don't think the meta will change much. It's great that I'm getting to play the new assassins at All-Stars.


How is it playing with your Fnatic buddies again?

xPeke: It's really fun, more so because there isn't much pressure to win. I keep recalling memories I had with these teammates.


Rekkles, what do you think of Vayne right now?

Rekkles: I mostly picked Vayne for fun last game. Vayne takes too long to ramp up, although she is very strong once she does. I don't think she'll be seen much in tournaments.


Jankos, Korean fans think very highly of you.

Jankos: That's really great to hear. There are a lot of junglers I respect in Korea. I don't get complacent and continue to think about how I can keep improving.


What's the most important factor in forming a strong team?

Jankos: Forming a team around a capable coach is more important than just collecting five good players.

sOAZ: I also think the coaching staff is the most important. As for players, a mature attitude is required. I've found that many younger players have trouble conducting themselves when living together with others for the first time.

Rekkles: It's important to find like-minded teammates. And I agree with sOAZ: maturity is important. xPeke really helped me adapt to the pro player lifestyle back when I was young and immature, for instance.


xPeke, a lot of Spanish fans think you're better than Faker.

xPeke: [bursts into laughter] Well, I'm honored and grateful. Faker is the best player in the world, and always plays very well. I personally think Faker has always been better than me.


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